The Nerds Secret by bubbles_666
The Nerds Secretby bubbles_666
A little nerd with a big secret what happens when the bad boy want to find out
  • secrets
  • undercover
  • carracing
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Journalist • Marco Asensio by funkwav
Journalist • Marco Asensioby Aya
In which Marco Asensio falls in love with a journalist he met through Instagram. started : 14/06/2018
  • fanfic
  • madrid
  • instagram
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Formula 1 Imagines by NoaNoaXx
Formula 1 Imaginesby Leila
Enjoy Xx
  • formula1
  • fernandoalonso
  • estebanocon
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INSTAGRAM ↝ M. ASENSIO by raphavarane
  • cristianoronaldo
  • ronaldo
  • fcb
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Burning Desire by modulation_
Burning Desireby jasmine
For Madison Evans, success in the harsh world of eventing has always been a distant dream; ambitions of competing at the infamous Rolex Kentucky Horse Trials being stash...
  • eventing
  • equestrian
  • dressage
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Our Dirty Little Secret (Cristiano Ronaldo) by NalaWoods
Our Dirty Little Secret ( NalaWoods
Lia Maria Messi is hiding a secret. A secret lover? Pregnancy? The date of the end of the world? She has to be careful now. All secrets will eventually come out but the...
  • romance
  • neymar
  • pregnant
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The Gauntlet by words_are_weapons
The Gauntletby Jamie Harris
Codi James is a chronic underachiever. A straight C student, her life is going nowhere. Causing havoc at yet another school it looks like she's heading for another expul...
  • sport
  • growing
  • competition
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F1 Drivers Chat Room by NoaNoaXx
F1 Drivers Chat Roomby Leila
Because something very funny is happening there...
  • funny
  • fernandoalonso
  • f1
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Big Bros and Tiny Twins by HarperBug15
Big Bros and Tiny Twinsby HarperBug15
COMPLETED Cover: Lucy on left and Darcy on right. Darcy and Lucy Walker are identical twins - blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, tiny, and cute. They have four older brother...
  • littlesisters
  • pretty
  • family
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The Coach's Daughter, my girlfriend (Jerrie) by scobidoo
The Coach's Daughter, my scobidoo
Jade and Perrie have been going strong so far. But what happens when they are surrounded by paparazzi all the time and are too caught up in their new lives to see each o...
  • jade
  • littlemix
  • thirlwall
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Girl Football by mcpwrites
Girl Footballby Morgan Powell
Everyone said she couldn't do it; so many obstacles stood in her way on and off the field. But she didn't let their words stop her. She just wanted to prove that even th...
  • fight
  • girlpower
  • highschoolexperience
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*Kuroko No Basket* The Hidden Star by JudeMathis16
*Kuroko No Basket* The Hidden Starby HonorsStudent
A former Generation of Miracle returns back from America. What will happen when she starts going to Rakuzan and meets Akashi once again? Will the meeting with Akashi cha...
  • basktball
  • sport
  • kuroko
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Haikyuu!! x Reader by InfernosDemise
Haikyuu!! x Readerby キーゼル
Reader inserts with Haikyuu characters! ❀ Requests: Closed ©︎ to @candlelights- for making this beautiful cover! ➷ #830 in FanFiction 02/22/17 ➷...
  • hinata
  • 18
  • yamaguchi
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This One's For You | One shots by Liyefana
This One's For You | One shotsby Liyefana
Wiecie, jak to jest, kiedy coś zainspiruje was do tego stopnia, że jakiś pomysł wpada do głowy i nie chce jej opuścić, dopóki go nie zrealizujecie, ale niekoniecznie nad...
  • skijumping
  • piłkarze
  • skoczkowie
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climb | jjk by forestfruity
climb | jjkby Vi☕️
"See, it's all about the footing." "Did someone say pudding?!" ~~~~~~~ Jeon Jungkook, a struggling college student, thankfully lands a part time job...
  • climbing
  • wattpride
  • fanfiction
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*Haikyuu!!* The Mistreated Volleyball Player by JudeMathis16
*Haikyuu!!* The Mistreated HonorsStudent
Ichiro was bullied by his older teammates in his middle school year because he was the smallest and newest member of the team. After his middle school year, he enrolled...
  • karasuno
  • shoyo
  • sports
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Foxy x mangle  {serious editing} by summer55555555
Foxy x mangle {serious editing}by summer55555555
Mangle and foxy are a normal everyday high school couple. They go to school at oakfod school so do they friends Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, toy Freddy, toy Bonnie, Toy Chica...
  • foxyxmangle
  • romance
  • cars
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Reaching That Mark [WATTYS 2018] by emily_greenaway
Reaching That Mark [WATTYS 2018]by Emily
He's a rising star footballer, She's an university student. He was reaching for the best marks in a game, She was reaching for the best marks in her class. But c...
  • kiss
  • undiscoveredjems
  • athlete
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Inazuma Eleven - Plan X by justAbunnyLover
Inazuma Eleven - Plan Xby JustAbunnyLover
After our favourite team won the FFI everybody returned to their regular life. However for Endou, Gouenji, Kidou, Kazemaru and the rest of Raimon soccer club, regular di...
  • soccer
  • inazumaeleven
  • kidou
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To my LOVE by kobrica
To my LOVEby kobrica
Eric attends Sports High School along with his friends Jason, Brian and Reece. Jason is interested in a new girl called Ice. Eric helps his friend Jason to get together...
  • newstudent
  • relationship
  • boy
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