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5 years ago

The radio had been announcing the rainstorm of the decade all day, but eternity had been under the bridge since breakfast, hugging her knees. It was boring but infinitely preferable to high school. After a time she was startled out of her daydream, it was too dark. If she was late her maternal grandmother would start asking questions. Aching with cold he rose to stand, hunched like an old woman. With one glance she breathed a sigh of relief, it wasn't late; black clouds rolled like the midnight ocean in every direction. The air was so humid she could taste it and already the cars had their headlamps on. Eternity dusted off her jeans and hitched her backpack higher. This couldn't be a long-term plan, she knew that, but every which way was fear: fear of angry-faced teachers, kids who bullied. When the heavens broke she stopped her walking, standing statue-like in the rain. Her long black hair stuck to her face and back, her clothes wet through in seconds.

Suddenly she someone voice calling her
She looked up and saw a boy the same age as hers with attractive grey pairs of eyes
Coming towards her, he leaned forward and wrapped a raincoat around her saving her from getting drenched in heavy rain, even he is also wearing a raincoat

"What are you doing here in such a heavy rain," He asked her

But she only looked at him stunned, why he is helping her, she thought

"What do you want," She asked him absently

His eyes softened seeing her, and he smiled and say "hi, I am Eliot"


My eyes were still shut as I soaked in the warmth of my covers before letting my eyes see the sun's rays

I sat up on the bed while touching the base of my neck, I noticed that Aaron is not here with me, where is he, he sleeps beside me at night then where is he

I tilt my head to the side and purse my lips, I pulled the duvet away, my bed I quickly come out from my room

I go towards Aaron's bedroom my eyebrows squish together when I noticed that he is not there, then I go towards his study he is also not there, glancing around, I come into the living room

I pulled out my phone and tried to call him

I looked around but, but his phone is coming busy on another line, suddenly I got a call from an unknown number, I received it without any single thought,

"Who's this," I asked while staring down at the floor

I heard a chuckle from another line, I frowned who is this,
"How much you care about your husband," Another unfamiliar voice said from another line

"Who are you," I asked while touching my face repeatedly

"Your well-wisher sweetheart, I have very important information about the safety of your husband, come meet me in the evening, I have some very important documents about it, I will message you address," He said to me

"No I won't come, how can I believe that you are saying truth to me, I am not a fool," I felt tightness in my chest

I heard him giggle "well it's up to you sweetheart, either believe me for the sake of your husband or leave it you will be responsible for consequences," He said to me sharply and hung up

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