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Special chapter

Olivia pov

"Aaron is my happiness Oli he is my everything,"

When, Eter said those words, to me, I made a vow that time
Whether I have to beg Aaron by touching his feet to come and meet eter, I will do that for her now, if he will still refuse to meet her, then I will kidnap him, for eternity, I don't care he can be most dangerous dominating billionaire whom everyone fears from him, but I am also Olivia, I love my sister Eternity so much, I will do anything for my sister

I quickly  took chloroform and Hankey with me, just in case, Arron refuse to meet Eternity and I have to kidnap him for her
She is my childhood best friend
I am ready to go at any length of anything for her, she is my sister from another parent
I sisterly and friendly love her so much, I can't see her like that

I quickly wipe away my tears and quickly ran towards my car and sat up in the car drove towards Aaron's mansion
He has to understand her
I am sure he will, after all, I saw clearly in his eyes
Limitless love for eternity

When I reached towards the mansion, guards quickly opened a large iron gate, they know that I am Eternity's best friend that's why they didn't stop me

When I arrived at the mansion, I quickly come out of my car, I quickly ran into the mansion
There I saw Fhil, he is childhood best friend of Aaron I known him, eternity introduced him to me, I hate this guy from my guts because he is so flirtatious with me, but I have to tolerate him for my best friend but today he is looking exhausted and worried like hell, Collins Buttler of Knights is also there with him

"Where is Aaron, Fhil "
I asked him I felt a thickening in my throat

He looked at me taking shaky breaths
his face is drained completely due to lack of sleep, but still, he looks so handsome
Wait what the hell I just say
I take my words back
The moment his eyes landed on me my breath hitched, his stare sends pleasing sensation to my spine

"He, is in his study, I think he is missing sissy (Eternity, fhil took an eternity as his sister), so much, Aaron didn't even come out from his study for two days he didn't even come to eat," He said to me while holding his  arm against his stomach

"Don't worry, I come here to make everything alright like before," I said and hurried towards his study
But it's locked from inside before I can knock

"There is no way he will open the door, we already tried, and half of the staff got fired and replaced by him due to that, he is very dangerous when he is in anger so even staff is also fearing to go and call him for food the only sissy can handle him," Fhil said to me

Well he is right there is no way, he will open the door, so I have to think of another way for this

After thinking for a minute, I got an amazing idea, my ideas never fail
I quickly come out of the mansion and go towards that outer wall of his study

Finally, I found the thing which I am searching for so desperately

A large glass window

I mentally thumb up myself and called Fhil and collins
When they come I told them to bring rope,
Fhil seemed to tilt his head backward but follow my order anyway and I smirked at the rope
With the help of Fhil and Collins, I successfully struck the rope on the balcony and started climbing on the wall I looked down at them, fhil have a look "are you fucking out of your mind" and collins has a mouth is parted with a small gasp

"Are you crazy girl, what if you will fall," Fhil shout at me narrowing his eyes at me

"Um then don't catch me, I will choose to die rather than be saved by you," I snapped at him

"But collins you can gladly catch me," I said and winked playfully at collins, I can see Fhil hands clenched into fists
and I mentally smirked looking at him
I never want to leave a single chance to irritate him

When I successfully climbed over the  large wall, I grabbed a glass of balcony, where a large glass window is there

I looked through the large glass window, Aaron is sitting in the large chair of his study and looking incredibly sad,
But papers, laptop, I Mac is broken and fell on the floor, and books everything is torn, even table is fell broken on the floor, I looked at Aaron again he has a small piece of paper in his hand seems like the paper of diary wait that is paper of Eternity's diary it has the same design like hers but maybe he can also have the same diary like that, but he doesn't seem a person who keeps a diary, I shook all stupid unwanted thoughts
I again looked at him, his face is so cold while he is gripping that paper

He seems like he is badly missing someone

Suddenly, I remember something, I quickly pulled out a charming bracelet of eternity, it is fell accidentally on my car when, I took her for ice cream, so I kept it to give it back to her

Opened window carefully little not to make noise and threw that bracelet of eternity towards Aaron, it ended up on his lap

Thank god it didn't miss, well all thank Archery classes of high school which is useful for today

When Aaron eyes laid over that bracelet, he froze at his place and paired looking at Eternity's bracelet

"Eternity," He whispered his eyes are red puffy but the emotion of pure love flicker in his eyes seeing her bracelet

This time I am crying, so this is how true love feels

"She is not okay Aaron," I said while coming and standing in front of him

He looked at me with furrowed eyebrows
"What happened to her," He asked he seems broken but still his voice is hard

I told him everything about her,
After telling him every information about eternity, her worse condition, she fainted, and  everything, I sighed and looked into his eyes, which are bloodshot but have concern and care for her

"And you are telling me now," He said while shaking his head, and quickly stormed out from his study

I smiled at this, no matter what hurdles come, there is nothing impossible in way of true Love

Aaron quickly sat up in his car and drove like there is no tomorrow

I quickly come out of the mansion and sat in my car to go towards her apartment, Fhil is also coming, I can see through the rearview mirror his car

Finally, the car stops at her apartment, I saw Aaron's car is already there in her apartment

He is just running like there is no tomorrow on the stairs of the building of her apartment

I also go towards her apartment when we reach towards stairs of her apartment,

My eyes got wide as I freeze at my place, I quickly turned away not wanting to see it anymore, the door of her apartment is opened, Aaron is standing there his hands clenched into fists, while his body is trembling and his hands are grabbing the knob of the door so hard making his hand bleed

Every material there in her apartment is broken and fell like waste, the mirror is broken like someone forcefully abducted someone here.

Every material there in her apartment is broken and fell like waste, the mirror is broken like someone forcefully abducted someone here

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