Chapter 1 LIFE

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Eternity pov

Slowly and reluctantly, I uncover my face. I blink, close my eyes, and blink again. Streaks of sunlight penetrate the window and blind me. I sit up, drag my feet off the bed, and rub my knuckles into my eyes. I stretch my arms above my head and yawn.

I live in my apartment in New York. Of course, I am 21 years old and I didn't live with my parents.

Eternity apartment

My bedroom is small compared to the living room of my apartment, but I can still fit everything I need into it

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My bedroom is small compared to the living room of my apartment, but I can still fit everything I need into it. I have a bed right in the middle of my squarish room, which takes up quite a bit of space, but I like it that way. You may find me laying there reading a book in the natural light coming through my window, which is my main source of light. The storage is great because it is hidden away above my wardrobe, which is built into the wall, although most of my stuff goes under the bed. There is a big black shoebox beside my bed that fits all my shoes in it. There is a mirror hanging on my off-white walls above a small table. Next to them, I have a tall, white dress bulging with clothes. I have a white bedside table with an alarm clock, a rose-red touch lamp, and a blue Bluetooth speaker.

I scrolled through my social media with no notifications to see this much boredom in my existence. Even so, I believe that one day your life will diminish from your passion and hard work.

I go towards the bathroom to do my morning business, and then, after taking a shower, I put on my sweatshirt and shorts.

After that, I move towards the kitchen for breakfast. I was about to open the fridge for packed food

The sound of a door swinging open caused me to jump.

"Surprise Eter," I heard my best friend Olivia's voice.

"Olli bitch, you are back," I pressed my fist to my mouth, pinching my lips between the thumb and index finger.

She is in London on a business trip from her workplace. Olivia and I have been best friends since childhood elementary school. We are partners in crime.

"Yeah, I wish to surprise my hag," Olivia said, and the next moment I felt my breath choke as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Wow, so how is your trip to London, bitch?" my neck tipped back

"Ughh, seriously, It was completely headache, especially when you have to go to work and that asshole manager of our branch, I stopped myself to give him peace of mind," as spittle built up in the corners of her mouth.

"Seriously, spare that poor fellow. He would be in hospital if he had the bad side of yours," I spoke as I paced around the kitchen to find butter.

"Yeah, yeah, pray he doesn't see my bad side," Olivia answered as her face was getting flushed with her hands getting into fists.

"Okay, leave it. What about that dress which we saw last time window shopping?" I quickly changed the topic because.....

Warning, be careful; my best friend has very weird and toxic anger issues.

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