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Dedicated to - tamlaura1

I cleared my eyes, oppressive pain passed through my grit and bone, I recognized that I am again linked with metal Handcuffs, so many men are defending this chamber where they put me from inside

I don't realize how long I am here but I guess it's newer than twelve hours

Then my mind reached back to my Aaron, my husband my existence, my soul, my heart

Did he learn where I am, I am feeling so fragile now I didn't even eat anything for three days; I thought to have a beautiful and peaceful life with him, carrying his kids.

I don't think so, I can be alive much now, I just wish to see a love of my life, my soul, my husband Aaron before dying

"Don't worry beautiful your husband will never get a know where are you because, our boss kept you in very, very far away and dangerous abandoned island," Man of That bastard fabian bark to me

My hands are arching to slap his not go good ugly face and kill him

"I know my Aaron will come here for me and kill fabian and arrogance of fabian will be burned," I said to

He comes near me and pulled out a sharp knife

"Beautiful, come boss is waiting for you first he will rip your beautiful fingers then give you slow and tortured death," He said with a dark smirk to me

Before he can open my chain and take me to that Bastard fabian room

I loud sound of gunshot and shattering of glass is heard

We all looked at direction from where it comes from

I felt a lightness in my limbs, while my hands are tingling, just by at mere sight of him, I......I can't even express that in words, I knew my Aaron will come for me, I closed my eyes, feeling
my muscles getting relaxed and warmth in my cheeks

Finally, after calming myself down, I opened my eyes when I saw Aaron again, I suddenly became conscious of all transcendental happiness, and the functions of my different limbs were stunned.

"Aaron," I whispered his name, smiling

He is looking at Men's of fabian with so much while his nostrils flared and his jaw is clenched with his fists
when he looked at me his eyes turned soft and I felt a fluttering in my stomach, a feeling of emptiness

He quickly comes towards me with him there are his security guards who also have loaded guns

He tore apart metal chains from his bare hands

"Carefully Aaron, you might be got hurt," I said to him with an inward look and blinking rapidly

When my hands and legs are free, I quickly wrapped my arms around him, so tightly never wanted to let him go he didn't take a second to hugged me back

Then Fhil comes and quickly took hold of my hand, pulled me with him

"Come Eternity let's go, it's not safe to be here," He said while leading me outside, my head is feeling so heavy with dizziness but I snatched away my hand from him and ran towards Aaron, I am running so fast, suddenly I felt something hitting my feet and I yelp ready to fall, I swallowed but, I felt someone pulling me towards them, I collided into his strong chest but Aaron hold me prevent me from falling, he looked at me, his eyes get warm intensely and kissed my eyelashes, I closed my eyes, and he rested his forehead with mine,

He kissed the tip of my nose, his eyes are very soft having warmth

"Take her outside," He said to his men
and Aaron's men started shooting towards Fabian's men, In return, they also shot back, war is just started

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