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I sit all alone and wonder why It's hard to go on without a heart
It was his razorblade words that tore it apart
The sound of a door swinging open caused me to jump. Aaron enters our bedroom. I didn't see him, but I can feel his presence behind me. The silence was the only thing he met when he opened the door.

His arms wrapped around my waist, and he hugged me tightly
His head is rested on my shoulder I can feel his breath on my neck

I closed my eyes while looking upward and disparagingly shaking my head

"I am sorry, I should not get mad at you, but I was so scared when I didn't find you in our house, you know last time what happened to you I... I almost lost you," He said curling his hands inward
I closed my eyes sagging against his hard chest I looked at him, his I noticed his eyes widening slightly

He comes near me, and his eyes shifted towards my lips
His breath is fanning across my lips
I closed my eyes, but nothing happens
I am disappointed with this; I don't know why, but I like his touch, his caress, his everything.

I looked at him, his gaze is directly meeting with mine. His gaze makes my knees tremble.
"Please never do this again," He said while kissing my shoulder, his as his soft lips come in contact with mine
My breath catches in my throat
I looked back at him

"I don't mean to snap on you, I am j..." Before he can complete his sentence I quickly hugged him and started crying

Eliot, the first love he calls me whore today I never thought he will say this to me I am feeling so hollow and broken
I never wanted to feel this feeling again
But should I tell Aaron about today's incident, like me, he also has so many problems plus he is a businessman he has to look after his company as well. I can't burden my problem on him, I already give him lots of trouble.

"Shh it's okay everything will get fine please don't cry," He said while soothing my back and kissing my forehead

"No... No Aaron it's my mistake, you are right I always attract all problems to myself......." I swallowed and sobbed again silently

Only if I go with security guards to that swing this can't happen, maybe I never meet that Eliot again, I thought crying so badly in Aaron's chest I bury my face in his broad muscular chest his smell of Cologne gives me peace he makes me feel safe

"What happened why are you crying, eternity is anything happens to you while you are out from the mansion," He asked me, his eyebrows raising, and his lips pursing

I shook my head while drawing my limbs close to my body smiling, by seeing that he cares for me gives me happiness
But can't tell him about Eliot, not now, maybe later

"N... Nothing I...... Just fell while swinging on the swing," I lied, trying to smile but failed as more tears fall from my eyes.

"Are you sure," He asked me, still not convinced

"Yes, believe me," I nodded at him

He sighed, "okay take your medicines then sleep it's very important for you," He said while cradling me in his arms and carrying me towards our bed. He laid me there gently and pulled a soft duvet over my waist
After some time, Hannah comes with a tray of my medicines and a glass of milk

Aaron takes that tray from her and gestured her to go

When she is gone, he pulled up medicines and makes me eat that with milk
The taste of that medicine is like sour lemon after eating it. I made a face and Aaron chucked as his attractive jaw curved displaying a wide grin.

"Um I see you are very worried about my pain of eating these bloody medicines," I said sarcastically

"What... No, I enjoy this cute expression like a child on your face," He said sucking in a quick breath

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