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When I saw a shooting star, I quickly gripped the hem of my shirt, I am wearing simple pyjama pants with a shirt, and I have felt that familiar sensation since childhood whenever I saw a shooting star, my insides always felt so light with a strange feeling that everything is going to be alright soon, even though I don't know why, but somewhere I am feeling that soon everything is going to be just fine, I quickly closed my eyes and joined my hands and started making a wish to star.

"God', I hope that I will soon be able to show my innocence to Aaron so that his hatred for me will disappear; I'm not sure what will happen after that, but I can't stand his hatred,"!!

My eyes were closed and I was slowly regressing; I don't know when I bumped into someone, but I gasped as I felt it. As I was ready to fall because of a sudden chill (dread), someone seized me and wrapped his arms around my waist possessively.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the most stunning set of crystal blue deep eyes staring carefully at me; it was Aaron.

I bit my lower lip, dazed from the rapid collision with him, my gaze wandering but not on Aaron. "Relax, it's me," he says as he draws closer with those eyes that gaze so deeply into me. My breathing gets lighter, and my pensive expression transforms into a mellow mood as gentle as dawn light. As my muscles relax, my body squirms a little. There's something about his glance that I'll never find in another man as if our souls had formed a connection at that very instant.

He grimaced and squinted his brows as we parted ways, "What are you doing here, how is your leg, you should take a break," he said and that astounded me.

"My leg is absolutely well now," I told him as I held my breath and stared at him.

"However, you should take a break now," he said.

"It's OK, Aaron," I responded, "but may I ask you something?"

He looked into my eyes as he nodded.

"Can I go meet my maternal grandpa, he is missing me terribly, please, he is the only one I have," I said hesitantly, not knowing how he would respond.

"Collins will get you there, but there's one thing you need to be warned of. You are only allowed to attend to the shopping mall, family trips, and 'Banquet parties exclusively for me." He informed me clearly, as it was already stated in our marriage contract, and then he walked away.

I did a joyful dance. I'm overjoyed to finally meet my maternal grandfather after such a long time.


"Would you like anything?" Collins inquires as he drives. I'm in the car, driving towards my maternal Grandpa's house to see him.

"Yes, make a rest stop near the chocolate bakery. I'd like to get some sugar-free cookies for my grandfather; he likes them a lot, but he can't eat many sweets due to his diabetes, so my brother Wilber usually makes him sugar-free desserts." I smiled as I recalled my childhood days with my grandfather and brother.

We arrived at my maternal grandfather's house after some time.  I left the car and had a look around the house. Tears welled up in my eyes as I mused about my childhood memories. I quickly begin to tumble, but I regain my composure and proceed to the front door of the home.

I rapped on the door. After a while, the door opened, and it was Wilber, my brother, who was inside.

He yelled enthusiastically, "Boo-boo," and hugged me.

"Hey, bro," I said cheerfully despite weeping. Reminiscing about my childhood days with him, the times my siblings and I spent with

"Finally came boo-boo, keep coming grandpa, he'll be overjoyed to meet you," he added as we entered the home.

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