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I turned around to look up, its familiar sea blue eyes

He smiled beautifully at me
It's Issac, Issac Riccio, I meet him at a banquet party when I go there with Aaron,
Issac Riccio is the CEO of Riccio Industries, Aaron's rival, I looked at him he has a relaxed brow free of frown lines

"Hey," I greeted back at him with my dimpled smile

"Surprised to see you here," He said with a faraway look and wrapped his arms around me

"I am here for lunch with my best friend Olivia," I said to him while looking around to find Olivia's table, finally I saw her sitting in corner one near a large glass window busy in her phone

"Oh," He said while giving me a slow nod

"You," I asked him raising my eyebrows

His cheeks dimpled "I am also here for lunch client meeting you know, I think that destiny made us for each other see that's why we bumped again and again with each other," He said while his head turned slightly downturned while maintaining gang eye contact with me

I threw my head back, laughing with him

"Okay, I must go now, your clients must be waiting for you," I said to him
with a broad smile

"Um actually, the meeting got canceled," He said to me while his Lips turned down

"Oh, you can join us," I said to him while tugging on my bottom lip, inviting him to join me and Olivia for lunch

"Are you comfortable," He asked while
shaking his head slightly

I nodded

After that, we came back to our table I saw Olivia with our food, her body posture loosened, as her head flinched back slightly

"Olivia this is Issac Raccio," I said while introducing him to her and she smiled at him introducing her to him

After some time Issac phone buzzed and he excused himself to attend the call

"So, finally, you find a husband for me thanks Eter," She exclaimed and sighed dreamily

I nudged her "Oli, seriously, you don't even know him and dreaming of marriage with him," I shook my head

"Just kidding silly," She said wiggling her eyebrows

After our lunch we came out of a restaurant, suddenly my leg hit something hard making me yelp, I gasped and pressed my lips tightly
I am about to fall, I closed my eyes tightly but nothing happens

I frowned when I feel someone arms around my waist I can hear my heart pounding so hard inside of my chest, I hugged that person more tightly feeling dizziness

"Are you alright," It's Issac, He saved me from falling

I nodded at him with a downward gaze, I gasped when someone jerks me away from him, I jerked backward who did this and found my husband Aaron, my muscles tingled while I froze at my spot

He punched Issac right in his face which makes his nose bleed Issac fall on harsh ground

"What the hell are you doing," Issac hissed at him with bared teeth

Aaron grabbed his collar
"Stay away from her, she is my wife," He snarled at Issac

Issac frowned at him "she is your wife, not an object whom you owned," he said while Grinding teeth to
Aaron, the pulse of Aaron's neck bulged while he clenched his jaw

I quickly go towards them to stop them,
I pushed Aaron back who is about to punch Issac again

"You can't punch him like that," I said to Aaron while curling my lip

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