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It's afternoon and I am laying in the king-size bed of Aaron. After that kidnapping incident, Aaron kept me in his room, because I am still not healed properly.

And my hands and abdomen still have bruises, so to take care of me, I even tell him that Maids will do that, but he said to me he doesn't trust listen to me when it comes to my health

I stared at Aaron he is sitting on the blue couch of his room, working on his laptop and other business stuff, Aaron is working from home until I will get fine, no matter how many times I try to convince him he doesn't need to stay with me the whole time, I am fine but, he never listens to me

Deeply in my heart I am feeling so overjoyed that he cares so much about me, and I am sure my skin is tingled and my eyes are sparkled but truth to be told he doesn't love me he mentions to me that love doesn't exist in his life

Love is not his thing anyway, even I also don't love him

I am simply wondering how is the feeling of being loved by someone. I also love someone his name is Eliot he is my crush since high school, but he betrayed me he cheated on me, which still gives me heartaches.

I looked back at Aaron he is in his sweatpants only mostly he doesn't wear a shirt in when usually he is at home, so he is half-naked, looking so hot by seeing his perfectly chiseled abs I felt butterflies flying in my tummy, I can't even take my eyes off from him, he has a laptop in his lap and he is speaking to someone in phone discussing a business matter

When he caught me studying at him, he ended the call and looked at me with a dimpled grin

"Like what you see, you like them," He said smirking and pointing towards his Greek god body muscles

So, he is in a playful mood lets play then, Mr. Knight, I chuckled while guessing his reaction after I will reply him

"Um, I have been realizing what is there in you, so all that stupid girls are crazy over you, you are not even that handsome," I said, smirking

Which is the complete lie he is a freaking handsome man he can be a model if not a businessman and I ever see in my life even Vogue and Forbes magazine featured him in one of the top 10 most young and successful and billionaires, he is on top 10 richest persons in the earth according to Forbes; he is only 28but Damm he achieved so much at such a young age

"Ouch, it hurts," He spoke while placing a hand on his chest plastering fake hurt

And I laughed at this!

"I never expected Mr. jerk can be frank also," I said, teasing him

"Do you yet think, I am not attractive," He said while standing up from the couch while moving towards he

Soon he reaches near his bed where I am laying he leaned down over me, hovering over me and my eyes become wide, with my breathing quicken with each passing second of his nearness, I quickly gripped the sheets and held my breath as his breathing brushed past my cheeks going towards my neck

He gets closer to me, his breathing is fanning across my lips
His eyes are continually watching over my lips

"Aaron," I whisper what he will do next I closed my eyes. I felt something fluttering in my stomach with goosebumps erupting over my whole skin with a small gasp. I closed my eyes more tightly

After some time when nothing happened, I opened my eyes, saw him looking at me something is keenly in his eyes, very pure and affection

"Don't worry, I won't touch you without your permission," He said sexily in my ears

My breath is still quick, raging
He trailed away from me, and I released my breath

"We have to go for your X-rays test to make sure there is no serious internal injury," he stated while stroking my brown hair behind my ear

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