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I laid the floor of my room, sleep never comes to me, I didn't eat anything for two days I don't have a craving, because the only appetite I have is of Aaron, his love, his care for me

If he is with me, I can never be like this but I can't go back to him because he hates me he thinks that I am a backstabber

I feel like shallow now, life there is no soul in me, no heart, my love, soul, heart I leave that in his doorstep when I leave him, I left somebody who loved me despite my many, seemingly unforgivable faults. I left somebody out of fear. Fear is an incredibly powerful influence, it is also a disguised demon. The words he spoke were daggers and his actions venom. Combined is was a brutal massacre of a loving heart. Pure and beautiful. Flawed perfection. This Earth holds many beauties, treasures beyond your wildest dreams. But nothing compares to him.

I restricted my eyes tightly now even tears also dried in my eyes, I can't breathe without him

Suddenly I overheard a thundering blare of thud from the living room of my apartment, I instantly sat up and extend towards it, but I noticed no one.

What was that?

Then I arrive back in my room and moved towards the bathroom

I studied at myself, my face is pale like a ghost, I am a mess

Suddenly, I saw a black hooded man behind me.

My eyes become wide what is going on here

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My eyes become wide what is going on here

I swung around, and he is standing in front of me. That black hooded man looks so dangerous

He appears near me, my breathing ends, he clutched my neck and I jerked backward

"Run" He mumbled my ear and freed me

I hurried away from the bathroom as my life depends upon it

I reach towards the living area; I flew towards the gate but they bolt it what the hell.

I heard a clapping noise, again I spun around and shocked

There are several men in the same black hood are standing with guns and pointed objects

One man gets near me and spoke "run sweetheart, run" He gossiped and chuckled in my ear

"You are playing with me right, you are giving me chance to run but will not let me go right," I said to them

I heard him chuckling, "so you are very intelligent, hmm Mrs. Knight," He said with so much hate

I peeked around and found a vase just beside me this is the finest way to conserve myself because the mere human who can shield me is me

I promptly shoved that man aside and captured that pot and bangs that just in the head of that man

"You bitch" He snarled clutching his head, blood is started falling out from his head

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