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"It's amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces."

Eternity pov

I slid down on the wall of the room of my apartment; I leave him the man whom I love, him my Aaron

I slid down on the wall of the room of my apartment; I leave him the man whom I love, him my Aaron

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It's not within our control to fall in love ... but to go far away from that love ... is within our control
Tears started falling out from my eyes but deep in my heart I don't know why but I have a feeling that we were never separated from each other like the fragrance from a flower

The door of my room burst open and Olivia my constant companion, my best friend entered my room when she looked so devastated and incredibly sad

"Eter," She said and quickly hugged me

"My dear friend, if I cannot hear his voice, it is better for me to become deaf. And because I now cannot see Him, it would be good for Me to be a blind woman, but I am so vulnerable I will never go back to him he didn't trust me, he didn't understand me and it hurts so much."I wept to hug her

She soothes my back
"It's okay eter everything is going to be fine, I am sure Aaron will come back to you," She said to me

I shook my head "No Oli, he will never, he thinks that I am backstabbing betrayer, he hates me so much oli I saw in his eyes, hatred for me," I said crying profusely

She is soothing me, but my breaths seem like a waste without Aaron I love him so Damm much

"Please eat something Eter, it's been two days you leave him you didn't even drink water properly please," She said to me

I shook my head "I want to be alone," I said to her

"I am not leaving you alone, Eter," She said to me

"I don't want to leave him, but he doesn't trust me, he doesn't love me, now I leave him but I can't express the unbearable pain of separation from him is hurts like hell, you know second without him looks like thousands of years," I said and cried harder

"Shh, please Eter don't cry and eat something I am begging you my dear please stop crying otherwise you will get sick," She said while bringing food towards my mouth
By seeing these memories of my and Aaron feeding each other comes to me and my mind felt dizzy because I can't live without him

Suddenly my eyelids become heavy, and I drift unconsciously


I opened my eyes, the sound of beeping of the machine heard

I opened my eyes slowly noticed, I am in my room of my apartment laying on the bed and the doctor is checking me Olivia is sitting beside my bed looking so worried, it attaches my hand with an IV drip

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