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His eyes lit with an inner glow or twinkle and he bowed down in front of me little“Of course madam,” He said and winked at me playfully God his wink can give you a heart attack.

Then Hannah brings our dinner here in the room,

After finishing out and I go towards my luggage to change into something comfortable

When I opened my luggage, no, last time I check, I am not a stripper at the club then what the hell is this it’s sexy sluttrey lingerie silk nightwear that can barely cover anything if I wear that. no who the hell packs this, Amy and Olivia, I knew it. When I will go back, I will kill that Olivia.

“What’s wrong,” just as I heard his voice, I quickly took a sharp intake of breath and hide that nightgown in my luggage,

I growled inwardly when I noticed that he is wearing only sweatpants, he was half-naked His perfectly chiseled eight-pack abs I try my best not to drool over him, but what about my betrayer's eyes?

He smirked, and I looked away actually, wondering what will I wear now I will not wear this seducing nightwear

“What happened, you seem bothered,” He asked frowning

“Um, I..... I don’t have anything to wear comfortable at night,” I said to him while twisting the hem of that nightgown dress still under my luggage which can barely cover anything if I wear

He raised his eyebrows, “You can wear my shirt,”

Well, it’s a good idea to wear his shirt better than those revealing nightwear

He handed me his white shirt; I took it and go towards the bathroom to wear it.

I stripped out of my clothes and wear his shirt, his shirt is triple my size

It stops at my thighs but it’s okay, I can sleep on that. I opened my long brown hair, which cascaded down to my hips like a waterfall.

I come out of the bathroom, I looked at him; he is sitting on a king-size bed busy on his phone; when he noticed that I came out, just his eyes met mine making me breathless, he blinked his eyes suddenly, then his eyes travel to my lips, then my breast my revealed thighs I blushed hard. I can say I am red like a tomato now I can tolerate anything but his intense gaze
I can feel my body heat rising, I breathe rapidly with a tingling sensation in my chest

I come towards the bed; he is looking at me without blinking his eyes, then he licked his lips staring at my lips

“I like you,” He suddenly said and I have frozen my breath  quickened in slow increments

“W... What,” I whisper and he smirked

“I mean I like you in my shirt.” He completes his sentence, and I sighed feeling my chest getting light.

I climbed into bed and quickly pulled a soft silk duvet over my legs; my chest is feeling so heavy and my hands curling fisting the bedsheet

I laid down but cold wind even large glass window of our room is closed but still, this area is nature friendly with lakes and trees so it’s obvious that it will have cold wind atmosphere, even heater is on but still, I feel cold winds touching my skin giving me goosebumps

I felt arms around my waist making me Flinching away clutching me, giving me warmth. I looked its Aaron, his arms around my waist and head rested on my shoulder “Sleep Baby,” He mumbles sleep and my heart stops Baby

Did .....did he just call me baby he will give me a heart attack one day?

Soon, I started feeling so cozy in his warm embrace it’s so comfortable
So, slowly my eyelids become heavy, and soon I drift into sleep.

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