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Meeting Eliot is like a blessing for me, he is my batchmate and new in school, months passed and my crush over him gets increases, even he also knows about my crush over him, that's why he asked me to be his girlfriend

I am gripping the rose and chocolate box tightly due to nervousness, I am wearing a beautiful light blue two-piece lace-up back glitter dress, light blue is his favorite color so that's why I am wearing this

Eternity dress

Today I am going to tell him, how much I love him today is his birthday so I am preparing special poetry to express my love

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Today I am going to tell him, how much I love him today is his birthday so I am preparing special poetry to express my love

He threw his birthday party in the very famous hotel in the city, so, I am currently sitting in the taxi, finally, taxi stops and I climbed out,
When I enter into Hall of party

The party Hall had empty bottles laid on the ground, waiting for someone to trip over them. I almost was a victim. As for the people in this crowded area, they looked reminded me of the beer bottles: empty and useless. As I stepped over the god-awful mess, I noticed the music playing in the background

And dancing songs mashup is playing on the background, I see my all classmates here they are dancing drunk

"See girls, miss loser already arrived looking so third class"
Bexley said to her puppets and they all laughed Mockingly in response for me

Bexley, she is a very irritating girl for me, she is a blonde, her blonde hair is straightened perfectly and she is wearing a very tight, short red color dress
Behind her puppets

I just rolled my eyes, why Eliot invited her to his birthday party he knows she bullies me then also, even many times I saw him very close to her, but I chose to ignore it may be because they are working on the same project that's why due to mistake, they may be bumped each other
I shook my head, I don't wanna think about this now

I ignore that Bexley and walked away to find Eliot, there I saw him he is talking to his friends, so I decided to wait for him

Hey sis," Ethan, my friend and only person in the whole class who saves me from bullying physically, comes towards me and said, coming over to give me a friendly hug "How's it going. Are you likin' the party?"

I nodded. "Very much so. I am delighted to have been invited to attend."

Ethan slapped me on the back. "Stop with such nonsense." He chuckled. "You talk to proper. Loosen up, don't be so stiff." He shoved a beef in front of my face. "He, drink it. You need it more than anyone in this room."

I smiled and reluctantly took the bottle and started to drink. "I don't plan on staying long, Ethan. I just wanted to meet Eliot and tell him about my true feelings, I know he is my boyfriend but I never told him that I love him so today I am going to tell him ."

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