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Dedicated to - obliviousartemis

Third-person pov

After beating Eternity mercilessly, she passed out because of physical pain That hooded man sighed in frustration

"This little bitch didn't even spill a word about information,"

"But, sir, I don't think so she is useful for us now I think she lost information or maybe that Aaron knight took it from her," another hooded man said to their leader

"Yeah, I also think so," Leader exclaimed

"So, what we will do of her now," Man asked

"Throw her on road, she comes with that driver of Aaron, he will find her," Leader said

His men nodded and took eternity out of that abandoned garage

They put her near the car

Collins is bouncing a curled knuckle against his mouth he can't find Eternity, he breathing so heavily because of running continuously to find her

He searched the almost whole area to find her when he can't find her; he comes towards his car he is yet to call Aaron about Eternity absence

But soon, his eyes landed on someone, just by looking at her he bounced his curled knuckle against his mouth there he found her she is lying unconscious on the ground covered with blood

"Oh my Lord, Eternity what happened to you," His shoulders fall and the chest caving in.

Aaron pov

My private flight landed in New York in the evening. I just finished the deal with investors from Australia about new technology resources but I couldn't stop thinking about Eternity something is there in that girl which attracts me towards her

No matter how many times, I should block my mind that doesn't want to think about her,

It will be a lie if I say that she is the most beautiful girl, I have ever seen in my life because I saw more beautiful women's than her, I have been with many Hollywood actresses and models and my other one night stands, but no one can attract me with the way she did, but the only thing which attracts me towards her is her beautiful amber eyes, there is always a shimmer of innocence in her eyes whenever I looked into them, I never saw such a pure innocence in any other girl's eyes, she has something deep in that amber eyes which always makes me know her more

Whenever I will look into her eyes, seems like I am looking into her soul, so transparent, it feels like she wants to say so many things to me, but never say, either she looked away from me or ran away

I was lost in her thoughts suddenly my secretary comes, she is wringing her hands and gulping

"Sir, Collins, your butler call for you, eternity," she sighed and looked towards me teary-eyed

I frowned and stand up, with my heart hammered in my chest thinking about eternity "what happened, what happened to eternity," I asked her, I am blowing out a series of short breaths to gain control of myself "what is matter," I snapped at her

"Sir," She gives me the phone

I came towards my Mansion where Eternity my wife; my body is quivering I felt breathless at the moment who can dare to do this to her

I opened the door to the room furiously there I saw her she is lying unconscious on the bed Her left eye is swollen and purple like someone punched her very hard on it, her hands are injured bruised, her head is covered with gauze, she looks so pale and lifeless laying on the bed
Mr. Brooks, my family doctor, is treating her. Amy is sat beside her bed her eyes were moist with tears

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