chapter twenty-two

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i'm drowning in the middle of my bed and i'm not sure if i even want to breathe anymore

tuesday, august 5
the lupus lacum
third person pov

Stiles woke up to a flash and a pleasant warm weight on his chest.

He blinked up to see Nat of all people grinning at him with a camera, wiggling her eyebrows at them. Glancing down, he felt a soft smile take over his face, and could you really blame him? Thomas had only stirred at the flash, snuggling further into the warmth of his boyfriend, blonde hair messy against Stiles' chest, part of it puffing out with every exhale.

Another flash went off and Stiles stopped ogling the beauty he had in his bed in favor to scowl at Nat.

"If you wake him up, I swear to god," he whispered, motioning to the door, "get out."

Natasha just grinned again, grabbing the door frame on her way out, whispering back, "school starts in hour. You skipped yesterday, so I wanna see both of you downstairs in forty minutes."

Stiles groaned, throwing his head back into the pillow. He felt his mouth twist because he didn't want to leave this bed, in fact he wanted cuddle his adorable little boyfriend all day.

The thought of having to wake Thomas up made his stomach twist uncomfortably because the blonde just looked so fucking peaceful.

Letting his hand sift through soft locks, he began tugging lightly on the knots in Thomas' hair. He whispered to him loftily, lulling the doctor out of sleep.


The word, if it was even a word, was muffled into Stiles' chest, a shiver running down his spine as he smiled at the sleepy voice.

"Good morning, baby."

Thomas mumbled something again, and Stiles tried to coax the blonde to lift his head up, at least resemble some sort of awake state.

"We have school soon."

"I already have a PhD."

Half-lidded eyes glared at him, and Stiles sighed, "We need to go, babe," he tried to sit up, but Thomas proved to be just as stubborn as always.

"Let's just stay in bed all day," Thomas whispered, propping his chin on Stiles' chest.

Mind temporarily short-circuited by the way his boyfriend was staring at him, Stiles felt his lips curl up into a small smirk, "Yeah? And what would you propose we do?"

Shifting Thomas straddled Stiles, his eyes falling to the bitten red lips, "I'm sure you could think of something...mutually beneficial."

Stiles wasn't sure what happened to Thomas being the shy stuttering mess he had pressed against the shower wall or the one he had bent over the bed or the one in the bed...but he was very interested to see how this would turn out.

"I definitely could," he trailed off, tipping his head up and kissing him firmly. Thomas sighed happily into the kiss, mouth parting automatically to let Stiles in.

Hands trailed up Thomas' thighs, drifting up to grip his hips, Stiles' fingers pressing hotly into the flesh. The brunette used his grip to flip them over pressing down into the pliant mess underneath him before pulling back with a grin.

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