chapter nineteen

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uh, what da hell we gonna do now?

warning; sthomas gets a little heated this chapter...

friday, august 1
the lupus lacum
third person pov

Stiles had barely shut the door to their room when Thomas kissed him. This didn't start like most of their kisses, which were gentle and sweet before turning rough and desperate. This was passionate, Stiles could practically feel the hunger pouring from Thomas' pores. It was a hunger that Stiles eagerly returned.

He took control of the kiss, his hands resting on Thomas' hips. He felt slim fingers tangle in his dark hair, and he tugged the blonde closer. Stiles let his tongue run across the seam of his boyfriend's lips, asking for entrance. The doctor eagerly accepted and their tongues met in a sinful dance. Thomas pulled away with a gasp, his heart hammered as he struggled to catch his breath. Stiles took the opportunity to trail kisses down his jaw and to the crook of Thomas' neck.

The blonde let out an involuntary moan as Stiles found his sweet spot, his knees felt weak and he had to grip the brunette's shoulders to stay upright. He could feel Stiles' mouth curl up into a smirk as the brunette attacked the spot with vigor, nipping and sucking that would turn into a mark the next day.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent pulled away, a smirk on his face as he watched Thomas' chest heave.

The blonde tugged at Stiles' shirt, "Bed. Now."

Their lips were connected again as they stumbled towards their unmade bed. Thomas slipped his hands underneath Stiles' shirt, attempting to bring the grey fabric up and over his boyfriend's head. It got stuck at his shoulders and Stiles pulled away from the kiss to take it off and throw it across the room.

Then his hands were back on Thomas' hips, their lips connected as Stiles pushed them towards the bed. Finally the back of Thomas' knees hit the mattress, and with a slight push the blonde was sent sprawling onto the bed.

"You still have a shirt on," Stiles commented, still standing and looking down on his boyfriend.

Thomas sat up, pulling his light green shirt over his head, throwing it to join Stiles'. He bit his lip, laying back down, "That better?"

"God, Tommy."

Stiles felt a smile light his face, his Tommy was an absolute angel.


"You're beautiful, baby."

Stiles lowered himself on top of the now shirtless blonde, making sure that he wasn't putting all his weight on the skinny, slight build that was beneath him.

With a groan, Thomas pushed himself up on his elbows and kissed Stiles. They fell back down, Thomas flat against the sheets, his palms resting on Stiles' chest.

Stiles once again got to Thomas' sweet spot, trying to elicit another delicious reaction. His Tommy let out a small mewling sound as bis back arched, and hips bucked up against Stiles', causing a groan to spill from the brunette's lips.

Thomas tangled his finger Stiles' hair, pulling his lips back to his own. They kissed with a brutal and beautiful desire for each other as Thomas let his hands glide over the hard muscle of his boyfriend's stomach, his fingers tracing the abs there before hooking into the brunette's belt loops.

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