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The Sun | Stiles Stilinski {1} by gomezsobrien
The Sun | Stiles Stilinski {1}by Sila
"She's my cousin, she's going to stay with me." Lydia's cousin, Ophelia Martin was the weirdest girl the pack ever seen. Ophelia and Lydia were close and sweet...
It's My Job (Mitch Rapp/Teen Wolf Cross Over) by Piper5
It's My Job (Mitch Rapp/Teen Clare
Stiles Stilinski vanishes after the Dread Doctors incident. Years later he comes back. A changed man. (Editing in progress) If you seen an Xx it just means where I have...
The Other Mikaelson {The Originals x Teen Wolf Crossover} by 88mari60
The Other Mikaelson {The m.
(Under major editing + re writing) Book 1 in the stella series Sᴛᴀʀᴛᴇᴅ {28 ᴊᴀɴᴜᴀʀʏ} ᴇɴᴅᴇᴅ {28 ᴊᴜɴᴇ} Harmony Mikaelson was Hopes older twin. The first original tribrid. D...
Yours (Stiles Stilinski) by SueMeForSinning
Yours (Stiles Stilinski)by Miss Anon
🌙✨ON HIATUS 2022✨🌙 Y/n McCall is Scott's twin sister. While the two may not always see eye to eye, when he's bit, Stiles and Y/N band together more than ever to help h...
Never Gonna Be Alone by phasha18
Never Gonna Be Aloneby Rossi de C
When Stiles is attacked late one evening, a secret that he's kept from all of his friends comes out. Scott is less than understanding and pushes Stiles out of the pack...
Doomed//Umbrella Academy by UnknownUser-CJ
Doomed//Umbrella Academyby BarneyPurpleDinosaur
Stiles Stilinski looked down upon seeing the sight of Donovan... Crimson Blood smeared across his hands and face pointing out the evidence that he did it...He killed Don...
I Take It Back by MadiFilms
I Take It Backby Walking_Dead_Inside
Soulmate words appear on your skin at the exact time you were born on your 12th birthday. Stiles was born one minute before the day changed to night so he has to wait fo...
Goddess     by harrystiles123
Goddess by harrystiles123
What if the younger sister of Thor and Loki comes to Beacon Hills? She's faced with monsters and the supernatural. But what if she falls in love with a human, sarcastic...
Teen wolf X smut by MoodyXTea
Teen wolf X smutby Jaida Swaine
Teen wolf with lots of smut. Let me know if you enjoy and I'm taking requests :)
Jersey Hale (Stiles Stilinski) by jsthatprettymfka
Jersey Hale (Stiles Stilinski)by Mrs. Mikaelson
Jersey Hale. What if Cora wasn't the one they found in the vault but it was Jersey. The youngest daughter of Talia Hale and younger sister of Derek Hale. She's an alpha...
Apparently I Have Dissociative Identity Disorder by toothless250
Apparently I Have Dissociative Freedom Creations
Stiles has Dissociative Identity Disorder. He's had it ever since he was drown by his mom when he was only 4 years old and then following his mother's death his dad goes...
TRUSTED|Stiles Stilinski by violet_04_smith
TRUSTED|Stiles Stilinskiby Violet Smith
Emma McCall is the exact opposite of her twin brother. She hangs out with popular people, her best friend is Lydia Martin but she knows that she's always be by her broth...
Bloodlines by QueenSugs41
Bloodlinesby Wexi Bexi
Beacon Hills. The place supernatural creatures go to unconsciously. To feel secure. A place that calls to them. It's a place where the supernatural are all around yet hi...
His escape | Newtmas by scilles
His escape | Newtmasby scilles
Stiles life is shattered. Everyone hates him, he hates himself. After the nogitsune he's left with all the guilt of the people he's kill. The people he's Tortured. He is...
I wish I was her(Stiles x reader) by Barchie_Forever13
I wish I was her(Stiles x reader)by Barchie_Forever13
You, Scott, and Stiles have been friends since you were little. You were dragged into the woods one day to help look for a body. That day changes your life, you and Stil...
Rescue Me! by tcher1993
Rescue Me!by Cheryl Beasley
With Stiles's life hanging in the balance, the Gladers and Survivors along with the Beacon Hills pack must watch a series of memories to unlock the key to saving his lif...
Maze Wolf by tcher1993
Maze Wolfby Cheryl Beasley
When Stiles arrives at Beacon Hills Hospital injured carrying a young man inside, no one expected what was soon to happen. All rights apart for the story line go to the...
Cold Truths || S.S by Wolf_queen24
Cold Truths || S.Sby Kate
After being exiled from the pack and losing his girlfriend, Stiles takes the opportunity to start over. Moving to Washington DC he furthers his career in psychology meet...
dylan O'brien imagines by dylobrienss
dylan O'brien imaginesby dylobrienss
Have you ever imagined yourself with Dylan dealing with all kind of situations in life? No? So here are some imagination juice for your dreams. Enjoy! cover gorgeous cr...
єṅċһѧṅṭяєṡṡ - ṡ.ṡṭıʟıṅṡҡı by EstellaNovella
єṅċһѧṅṭяєṡṡ - ṡ.ṡṭıʟıṅṡҡıby EstellaNovella
A young witch navigates love, friendship and the supernatural after a hunt for a body in the woods. STILES STILINSKI X OC