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so i was thinking about doing a new stiles crossover. it would be with the originals.

what do y'all think? should i?

would anyone read it?

i have watched much of the originals, but i understand the basics and i have a really good idea. but idk if i should.



you guys are the best!

i have so much support for this story. so many people have voted and it warms my heart.

i honestly thought about deleting my wattpad account for a bit because i started having so many doubts about this story. but then i see how many people read this and i can't tell you how awesome it is to see that i almost have 5k views and over two hundred votes.

i'm literally crying from happiness.

i can't tell you how much it means to see that this story is even being read.

so thank you so much.

i love every single one of you


your loser,

your loser,;)))))thezqueen

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