chapter eleven

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i've been meaning to do this for like the past four chapters, so here it is

dr. thomas b. sangster
s.h.i.e.l.d.'s head of medical
played by thomas brodie sangster

's head of medicalplayed by thomas brodie sangster

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saturday, july 26
stark tower
third person pov

Thomas reveled in the feeling of Stiles playing with the ends of his longish blonde hair. It sent tingles down his spine with every twist and slight tug.

Stiles was sitting on the couch with his boyfriend's head in his lap. The rest of the Avengers sat around them, drinks in hand.

They had just finished playing a round of spoons, which sucks when you have a bunch of superheroes fighting to get a spoon.

"So, Kid, what's your story?"

Stiles looked at Tony as Nat and Clint tensed. He sighed looking down at his boyfriend, letting go of the strands of hair and intertwining their fingers. His arms were now around Thomas, and he stuffed his face in the blonde's neck.

"This isn't how I wanted to tell you," he breathed out, and Thomas shivered.

Stiles lifted his head and sighed, "We're family now right?"

All the others nodded their agreement with little hesitation. They were a team after all, and saving the world tends to form a pretty unbreakable bond.

"Well, for the first fifteen years of my life I thought I knew what family was. Now that definition is very different. What I had during my childhood wasn't real family, I had friends that didn't give a shit about me."

His eyes met with Nat's and she smiled proudly, her eyes egging him on.

"I was Stiles Stilinski, a scrawny, clumsy kid that had a sheriff as a father. I sucked at Lacrosse with my best friend in the world, Scott."

Stiles frowned.

"That all changed sophomore year. I was listening to my police scanner, and I heard something about a dead body in the woods. So I did the same thing every teenage boy would do. I grabbed some flashlights and dragged Scott out there to investigate."

He felt himself holding his boyfriend tighter, snuggling more into the soft fabric of Thomas' sweater.

"Scott was turned into a werewolf that night."

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