chapter ten

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why are like all wattpadian writers so fucking pretty? then there's me who literally blinds people. :((

friday, july 25
a couple days later...
third person pov


Thomas turned around to see his very excited boyfriend running towards him.

"Tommy," he came to a stop, his breathing even despite the sprint he just maintained, "guess what?"


Stiles pouted, "you have to guess."

"I did," the doctor turned back to the paperwork he was reviewing, "I guessed 'what', just like you asked."

"Your snark might end up getting you in trouble one day."

"Oh yeah?"


The last words were mumbled against the doctor's lips as Stiles leaned in for a chaste kiss. Thomas smiles into the kiss, a slight curling of his lips, before he pulled back.

His cheeks were flushed as Stiles said, "If you're ever in trouble, don't worry. I'm kind of a superhero now, I'll come save you."

Thomas laughed with his head thrown back slightly, lips parted as laughter dripped like honey from his mouth.

Stiles watched his boyfriend with a smile, he was just so cute.

Once Thomas sobered, Stiles told him what had him sprinting.

"I have my own room in Stark Tower! You have to see it!"

Next thing Thomas knew he was being dragged down the halls, towards the nearest exit.

As soon as they were in the elevator, protests spilled from Thomas' lips.

"I have work, I can't just leave any bloody time."

"Sure you can," Stiles smiles, "I have connections."

"Just because you can make Nick Fury smile does not make you special."

"You're right, I'm special enough on my own, but being on the director's good side helps sneak my boyfriend out. So I'm not complaining."

Thomas rolled his eyes as they shot through the elevator chute. When they emerged they were in a telephone booth.

They walked out hand and hand and Stiles hailed a cab.


friday, july 25
stark tower
third person pov

Stiles was practically jumping up and down in the elevator.

He knew he looked like a hyperactive child, but he couldn't bring himself to care as the doors opened on the 67th floor.

Thomas was once again being dragged through hallways by the hand. They passed a glass partition and saw Clint and Natasha.

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