ONLY HIS by noon133
ONLY HISby noon133
Sometimes your best friend can be the one who cause you the most pain. You know those stories where the best friends are always there never hurts you maybe in love with...
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Gilthunder's Sister (Seven Deadly Sins fanfic) by coolio0220
Gilthunder's Sister (Seven Cool Person 02
Seven Deadly Sin's is a manga that was turned into a Netflix-original anime. I highly suggest checking it out if you have Netflix. It's a very enjoyable anime. Anyways...
  • king
  • elizabeth
  • seven
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Dark Roses #Wattys2018 by Emptyyourmind
Dark Roses #Wattys2018by Emptyyourmind
(COMPLETED STORY) It's Rose Adam's senior year of highschool, and she just moved to a suburban town known as Blakeson Canyons. As every trouble in her life seems to fall...
  • run
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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers [ORIGINAL] by Jojo_B
The Seven Deadly Simpson Jojo B
**Written when I was YOUNG and didn't know anything about life - if you want the MUCH better version, read the NEW EDITED VERSION on my profile!** The Simpson Brothers a...
  • sloth
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BSS #1: That Nerd is a Gangster Princess by meiinnnn
BSS #1: That Nerd is a Gangster Yasmein Matibag
Completed||Season 1 and 2||Black Society She's a badass She can manipulate everything She could kill you with her cold stare But she needs to pretend a nerd Chains with...
  • trouble
  • gangster
  • rivalry
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The Holy War (Meliodas x Elizabeth) by at_ze_fucking_ledge
The Holy War (Meliodas x Elizabeth)by ☕ talk~shit~get~hit ☕
The Holy War. A legendary war between giants, fairies, humans, and goddesses vs. the wretched demon clan. 3000 years ago there was a demon child who betrayed his clan to...
  • elizabeth
  • seven
  • fanfiction
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The Power in my Veins by megk_03
The Power in my Veinsby megk_03
COMPLETED Highest Ranking: #1 in Vampire "You're not setting a foot out of here." He declared. "Watch me." I protested. He looked at me skeptic...
  • teen
  • posessive
  • king
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Perfect Timing  by hayls-hals-22
Perfect Timing by Hayls-Hals-22
Cleo Woods works at a very rich and private night club, she goes to work and meets her knight in shining armor..... sorry no, wrong answer, she meets her ravishing devil.
  • bartender
  • gangleader
  • deadly
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Dead to Me | Peter Parker by lokidyinginside
Dead to Me | Peter Parkerby ˗ˏˋ petty gay el ˎˊ˗
❝EVERYDAY IT GETS A LITTLE COLDER WHEN I GET CLOSER TO THE DEVIL ON MY SHOULDER❞ | Penelope Davenport could lie and say she forgave, but she never forgot. She never hes...
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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers [PUBLISHED] by Jojo_B
The Seven Deadly Simpson Jojo B
NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON AND ON TAPAS! **NEW EDITED VERSION** Coral Peterson suffers from an abusive past and is living in an area ruled by two rival gangs. The Simpsons...
  • gluttony
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Courting Death | Book 3 by twelvewonderingstars
Courting Death | Book 3by aurora
[BOOK THREE] "Falling in love was never a plan, Minnie." I sighed, fingers reaching up to rub my temples as I blinked my very translucent eyelids. "I wa...
  • kisses
  • wattys2018
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No Longer Alone*Melizabeth* by menma354
No Longer Alone*Melizabeth*by ellie
My name is Elizabeth liones...Im 16 years old..and I have depression.. Bullies..abuse..self harm...its not right...Will she be able to get through it...With the help of...
  • elizabeth
  • sins
  • seven
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Meliodas The Dragon Sin (16+) by DirtyLiesAndSins
Meliodas The Dragon Sin (16+)by Margarita
(Y/N) is out on a journey to find herself, when she stumbles upon the Boar Hat. She see's the guy who broke her heart ten years ago, when she was only thirteen. No, they...
  • no
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  • lemon
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The Diary by Ms_Horrendous
The Diaryby Jakayla Toney
Troy and April finds a diary that hides terrifying secrets about the house. Will they make it out before these dark secrets of the house catches them?
  • blood
  • tnthorrorcontest
  • killing
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The Silent Killer (A Finnick Odair Love Story)  by ZoeAlder
The Silent Killer (A Finnick Zoë Alder
"Loving you meant risking everything."
  • finnickodair
  • love
  • catchingfire
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Eris the Coyote's sin of Strife (SDS Fanfic) by hlfoley
Eris the Coyote's sin of Strife ( H
The Eight members of the Sins were the strongest and most revered Holy Knights that others looked up to and the members this group were originally an independent order o...
  • meliodas
  • merlin
  • gowther
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Gay Prison / Captive by WinterPrince4
Gay Prison / Captiveby WinterPrince4
[18+] When Jake and Colton get pulled over on their way to work, they get a whole lot more than just a ticket. Warning: contains strong sexual and mature storylines.
  • prison
  • gaysmut
  • gayromance
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The Eighth Deadly Sin... (Various x reader) by KurapikaKurta4
The Eighth Deadly Sin... ( Majora's Wrath
This is a various x reader story, as you already know, From the Anime/Manga series Nanatsu no Taizai or Seven Deadly Sins. You are a shapeshift confined to the sin of tr...
  • deadly
  • king
  • reader
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Him  [ A Werewolf Tale ] by TheWriterLiz
Him [ A Werewolf Tale ]by ☁ Liz ☁
When I was 13 years old, my entire family committed suicide, by driving full speed off a thirty foot bridge. Morbid, I know. Unfortunately, they deemed themselves unfit...
  • mate
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The Spider Sin of Murder[Under Major Edit] by KMZ173
The Spider Sin of Murder[Under KMZ
I suck at descriptions but I'll give it a shot You all know who the seven deadly sins are right? Those who rose from among the Holy Knights and were accused of bruta...
  • deadly
  • nanatsunotaizai
  • seven
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