chapter twenty-five

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wednesday, august 6
beacon hills, california
third person pov

"Stiles, watch where you're going!"

Thomas' shoulder hit the window and Stiles smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, I'm used to driving a jeep."

"Just don't kill us," His boyfriend looked a little green, blond hair falling into his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose and added as an after thought, "please."

When the finally slid to a stop outside of the Lupus Lacum, Thomas stumbled out of the car only to stop at the sight of the Avengers all gathered outside.

"You're looking a little green, Tom."

The doctor glared at Tony, "Not all of us are used to being in metal deathtraps controlled by maniacs." Thor laughed, raising his eyebrows at Tony who was glowering, offended, "Do you get it, metal man? Because you control a metal death trap and you're a maniac," he trailed off into laughter that had Thomas laughing to as Tony turned to exasperation.

"Yes, Thor, I got it. Now can we please focus on the real problem?" He gestured to the wrecked outside wall where the symbol of revenge had been carved.

Thomas reached into his backpack, pulling out a pair of latex-free gloves (Stiles was allergic, so he had stop using latex products) and drew closer to the wall, studying the pattern.

"Do you just carry gloves around?"


Clint took the bait, "Why?"

"Because I work with a group of people that have hero complexes and suicidal tendencies when it comes to saving the world, the bloody idiots," he ignored the protests and Stiles' very familiar and offended scoff, smirking as he found what he had been looking for, "oh, and because I don't like to contaminate evidence."

He held up the bloodied wolf's nail, "Whoever did this," he gestured to the violent display, digging out an evidence bag to slide the nail into, "is in pain, I'll tell you that. They didn't just lose a nail, they tore out a good chunk of skin too. I know that they would heal fast, but the main point is that finishing the symbol would've been extremely painful, I'm guessing that they were under some sort of influence or orders, it's hard to tell without signs of a struggle."

At the blank looks, Thomas furrowed his eyebrows, "What? I had hobbies outside of medical school."

"By hobbies do you mean a degree in forensics?" Clint raised an eyebrow as Thomas' blush.

"It was just a couple of classes," the looks didn't let up and Thomas grumbled, "I have a good memory."

"I'll say," Steve trailed over to the wall, eyes dark as he looked at it, "What do we do?"

Natasha toyed with her gun, finger pressing over the trigger, "I don't think shooting stupid kids is exactly moral, but I wouldn't be against it." Steve wasn't amused and Nat raised her hands in surrender, "Hey, it was just a suggestion."

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