chapter eighteen

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"derivatives are gonna be words that start with di and mean day—"


friday, august 1
beacon hills high school
third person pov

Yellow tape surrounded a tarp covered body. Police held back the crowd of curious, scared, and disgusted teenagers. A teen with fluffy blonde hair knelt down next to the body, lifting the tarp, little bits at a time. He took picture with the flat, fancy tablet he held in his hands.

He stood up and turned away from the body. He slid out from underneath the tape and headed towards Stiles who was leaning against one of the school's brick walls. He held a cell phone in his palm.

"Alright, I got all the pictures," Thomas said to Nat through the phone.

Stiles stood up, "We're headed your way, Nat."

"Oh no you're not. School is not cancelled, I expect you in all of your classes."

Stiles groaned, "But, Nat-"

"No buts Stiles, now get your butt to class."

The dial tone sounded and Stiles closed his eyes. He pouted when he opened them and looked at Thomas. The blonde just rolled his eyes and held out his hand.

"Come on, you wanker, let's get to class."

Stiles smiled and intertwined his fingers with Thomas', walking next to the blonde as they moved away from the bloody crime scene.

They entered the school's second building, walking down locker lined hallways. Someone ran up beside them, and began to keep pace with the couple.

"Hey, Isaac," Thomas greeted.

"Tommy," the werewolf returned the greeting.

A hard punch was delivered to Isaac's shoulder.

"Ow, Stiles! What the fuck?!?"

"Only I get to call him Tommy."

Isaac watched as Thomas rolled his eyes and Stiles kissed the blonde's forehead.

"So what class do you have first? I have AP Biochemistry."

Stiles smiled, "AP Biochemistry."

Thomas grumbled as he responded, "AP Biochemistry."

Isaac laughed, running a hand through his short hair as they walked into the classroom, "You don't seem too thrilled about that, Thomas."

Stiles looked shocked, "What are you talking about, Lahey? He's obviously thrilled."

They both looked to the blonde who was sitting in his seat already. He frowned at them, lifting his middle finger in response.


friday, august 1
the lupus lacum
third person pov

"The cause of death was the same, exsanguination."

Banner sighed, "What else do we even know?"

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