chapter fourteen

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peanut butter oreos and rubber bands.

tuesday, july 29
beacon hills, california
third person pov

A grimace overtook Stiles' face. He glanced out one of the windows to see a crowded town square. Hundreds of people were there, some cheering, others looked terrified out of their wits.

His eyes darted around the crowd, searching for the assholes that ruined his childhood.

He couldn't see any of them, when suddenly he felt a pair of eyes watching him. His eyes snapped up, and through the jet's window he made eye contact with a golden-eyed Isaac Lahey. The beta's mouth was open, his jaw practically scraping the ground.

A hand slapped on his shoulder and his face became blank as he turned to talk to Derek, who seemed to be asking what was wrong.

He shook his head and sent a wink to Stiles, as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent ducked out of the window and out of sight.

Clint looked out at the townspeople, and felt a scowl go over his face,

This was the god awful town of the pack  that tore Stiles apart, and, oh my, he knew that returning the favour would be absolutely wonderful.

He turned to see Stiles looking at the floor, his body leaning between two windows, out of the line of sight.


Whiskey irises looked up at him, and he sighed at the insecurity in them.

"Don't worry about them yet. We're going out the back."

Stiles nodded and grabbed Thomas' hand. Their finger intertwined as they exited the plane and got into a tinted SUV. They drove by, and the people surrounded them as they drove down the streets of Beacon Hills.


tuesday, july 29
the lupus lacum
third person pov

The SUVs stopped in front of the biggest hotel in Beacon Hills.

The Lupus Lacum.

The Avengers stood, staring at the run down motel when one of the letters on the sign flickered out.

"The Lupus Lacum, what kind of language is that?"

"It's Latin," Thomas and Stiles said simultaneously.

Stiles grinned at his boyfriend, as they continued, "It means the Wolf Den."

The two of them walked towards the entrance, the others close behind. Natasha took another look at the sign,


The red head walked in, joining the rest of them.

Tony stood at the front desk, his hand repeatedly hitting the bell.

"Hello?? Anybody home?"

Stiles leaned against one of the pillars, Thomas wrapped in his arms. The blonde laughed as Stiles whispered in his ear.

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