chapter five {edited}

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thursday, july 16
s.h.i.e.l.d. helicarrier
third person pov

The wind whipped around the deck wildly as the jet arrived. Two figures emerged from it, though neither of them seem particularly bothered by the wild wind. They attracted attention without trying, one out of recognition, one in awe. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s own Black Widow and Captain America himself.

Another man joined them, his navy tie flying around his neck as he grinned, holding out a hand, "Captain Rogers, I'm Agent Coulson," he said, "a pleasure to finally meet you."

The man, Steve Rogers, didn't blink at the enthusiasm and took the agent's hand, smiling tightly,"Likewise."

"Hey, Coulson," Natasha pushed her sunglasses up on top of her hair and crossed her arms, "Mischief around?"

Coulson shook his head, "You know how he gets. Requested scouting mission first day back."

Natasha allowed a brief smile though it faded as soon as it came, "Yeah, I know."

"Coulson, Fury needs you on the bridge; they're starting the face trace."

Coulson gestured to his earpiece apologetically, saluting quickly with two fingers to his forehead as he jogged off, "See you later, Romanoff."

Natasha sighed, "I keep waiting for him to ask you."

"Ask me what?"

" To sign his Captain America trading cards, they're vintage. He's very proud."

"Who's Mischief?"

"The best little brother someone could ask for," Nat smiled, and upon noticing Steve's furrowed brow, elaborated, "He's Phil's nephew. He came here and became an agent. He went through hell and that made him the best agent I've ever seen."

He nodded in understanding, but before his curiosity could get the best of him and force him to ask more questions, his attention was drawn to a small commotion across the deck.

A few groups of people were being disturbed by a man, scruffy with hunched shoulders and glasses. He absentmindedly sipped at his coffee, head obviously in the clouds as he bumped his way across the helicarrier.

"Doctor Banner."

The man startled to a halt, adjusting his glasses and shrugging at the Captain, "Oh, yeah, hi. They told me you'd be coming."

"Word is you can find the cube."

Banner raised an eyebrow, "Is that the only word on me?"

"The only word I care about."

Some tension leaked from the doctor's posture and his expression became less guarded as he quirked a half-there smile at the man before him.

"Sorry to interrupt bonding time, but you gentlemen might wanna step inside. In a minute, it's gonna get a little hard to breathe," Natasha smirked as she led them inside and it grew when they stared out the window with awe as the Helicarrier rose into the sky.

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