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hey guys!

i've been getting a lot of questions so i thought i would answer them!

do you have an updating schedule?

haha nope. as you can surely tell by now i absolutely suck at updating consistently. i'm trying to get better at it and i'll try to start updating around once a week. i'm sorry that it's been really long breaks between chapters, please message me if i'm taking stupid long and kick my ass into gear. thanks ;)

what editing sites do you use?

i actually don't use an editing site, and that's my personal preference. i usually ask a friend to go over it after i go over it a couple dozen times before publishing it. this does mean that i do make mistakes, there are many typos and accidental grammatical errors. i do my best, please be patient.

can i send you covers or fanart?

i would love that! go ahead and send it over to my email; bumblybee65@gmail.com

how old are you? what's your name? etc.

hi, my name is izzy. i'm fifteen years old, i'll be sixteen in june. basically i'm just a stupid nerd. i'm not very interesting, but if anyone wants to get to know me, feel free to message me and i would be happy to chat!

what kind of dog do you have?

so after i posted a picture of my dog at the end of a chapter, i've gotten a lot of questions about her. her name is daisy, she is a golden mix, so part golden retriever and golden labrador. she's around ten years old, and she's my best friend.

and that's about it!

also, great news! WE ARE NUMBER ONE IN ASSASSIN!!!! woo woo! that is pretty damn exciting!

if you have any questions about anything, please comment them or message me! no question is a stupid question!

thanks for coming to my ted talk!


your loser,

song of the day: (i kind of forgot about these but i'm doing them again lol) fool by cavetown

song of the day: (i kind of forgot about these but i'm doing them again lol) fool by cavetown

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^^ here's daisy again. she's an angel

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