chapter thirteen

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please place your boobs in the zipper pocket. don't forget them when the ride is over.

thank you.

it's time. ooh.

tuesday, july 29
beacon hills, california
third person pov

The town cascaded into a chaotic frenzy. Nobody understood, they were here.

They were here.

Excitement, hope, and fear flooded the townspeople at the sight of the high tech jet flying overhead. As it landed, the large A symbol carved in its side was made obvious.

There was a group, towards the back of the crowd that stayed tense, not liking the presence of those more powerful than them.

They didn't want them here. They refused to believe that they actually needed them.

But that didn't change the fact that they came.

That they came to help, whether the group felt the need for help or not. They're here.

The Avengers have arrived.

And trust me, they didn't want to be there either.


tuesday, july 29
a few hours earlier...
third person pov

"They are so cute!"

"Did you just squeal?"

Natasha raised an eyebrow at Tony who had a big grin on his face.

He sobered immediately at her look, "I didn't squeal, I just added some enthusiasm to my tone of voice."

He look at the two boys again, "that amount of cuteness deserves some enthusiasm."

Stiles had dragged Thomas to one of the couches as soon as they were on the plane. They had messed around before Thomas started to yawn. Now they were both asleep, curled into each other. They had peaceful smiles on their faces and Stiles had his arms wrapped around Thomas.

Thomas turned a little in his sleep and his hand made its way into Stiles and he let out a pleased sigh as their fingers intertwined. Stiles seemingly reacted to the sound, subconsciously burying his face into his boyfriend's neck.

Another squeal echoed through the plane.

Natasha shrugged, "I totally just squealed."

"Squeal quieter will ya?"

Stiles' voice was groggy with sleep, and only one of his eyes were open. His whiskey eye was squinting angrily at the two.

"If you wake him up, I swear I will kick your asses."

He opened both eyes and looked lovingly at the blonde who was still snuggled into his chest.

Nat raised her hands in surrender before backing up with Tony, smiles on their faces.

Stiles leaned down and kissed the blonde's forehead softly.

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