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My Mute Street fighter by waterfallrainfall
My Mute Street fighterby Chloe
After Lola's mother died her father because abusive. One day she had enough and ran away. In order to make a living Lola became a street fighter, she refuses to allow he...
His Blind Mate by chloe_elizabeth01
His Blind Mateby Chloe Elizabeth
Even as an orphan with an autoimmune disease, Rylee Grey wasn't always this shy. But the fun-loving girl she used to be was wiped out years ago when a horrible accident...
A New Family by sydnie6624
A New Familyby sydnie6624
(DISCONTINUED) After an incident resulting in the death of her older brother, Liliana's parents decide they need a change. They are moving to England but Liliana isn't...
Baby Boy by Scboy17
Baby Boyby Scboy17
Jaxson was an adult who was often mistaken for a child. It had been that way his whole life. A childless couple finds Jaxson in the mall and decides that he would make t...
Best Friend's Revenge by ehl_kayy_writes
Best Friend's Revengeby LOSALINI
When Liz Charleston's ex-best friend suddenly returns with a plan to take revenge on her, drama seems inevitable - but who knew revenge could be so handsome? ...
New Girl In The City by Star_That_Shines
New Girl In The Cityby Kahkashan Jamshir⭐
After losing the most important person in her life, Kehara is now moving to a different country to live with her father and Brother to start a new life. Life full of str...
My little sweetheart  by Saffron422
My little sweetheart by Saffron422
Fiery from the damage her so called family caused... She needs too escape but how? Lena's foster family ends up dead ending her abuse only too be thrown into a whirlwind...
Misplaced by honestlyiamtrying
Misplacedby ~euphoria~
For as long as lily can remember, she's been in foster care. The last one turned out to be a nightmare because of the constant abuse. But one fateful day, she is reunite...
Living my life by i_have_feelings2
Living my lifeby Mango !
Amelia is a 17 year old girl who lives with her drunk abusive father, she works two jobs. A waitress at a café and a stripper. Her stripper job always causes problems at...
Ex Best Friend | ON HOLD  by Azzie01
Ex Best Friend | ON HOLD by Azzie01
My best friend moved away ten years ago... I wonder what would happen if we were to meet again. After all a lot can change in ten years right? •Prologue can be found ins...
Reunion  by Scboy17
Reunion by Scboy17
Life seemed easy for Emmie She was a good student. She thought her mom was proud of her. Her mom got the opportunity to have a new job with a good promotion which involv...
The Cullen boys human mate by ncis_4ever
The Cullen boys human mateby ncis_4ever
Clair has been moving since her whole life. Her Mother is a really talented and well known surgeon. So whenever a better paid offer got her way, she packed up her daught...
Hope to Survive by i_have_feelings2
Hope to Surviveby Mango !
BOOK TWO OF 'HOPE TO DIE' Ayla is now Queen of Heaven Luciano King of Hell How could they possibly stay mates, what would the people say? It's coming to their senses tha...
Something Different. - V.H. by vinniehackeraddict
Something Different. - payton💕🦋
A new girl struggles to make friends after her parents left her for a year without notice. y/n tries to move on and moves in with her aunt. what will happen next?
Broken hearts by krishna_Inkelstain
Broken heartsby _Inkelstain_
This story is from Vansh introducing ahana as mrs Vansh raishinghania To know more peep into the story Note: Kabir is positive character here how you will know it
mortala || stiles and the avengers by thezqueen
mortala || stiles and the avengersby :(
MORTALA [adj.] unrelenting and deadly; involving loss of divine grace or spiritual death. stiles was tired of the pack running behind his back. they had been shutting hi...
Dragon Jinchuuriki by KnightRider_34
Dragon Jinchuurikiby Rider
Izuku and Momo significant partners Ochako and Shoto were cheating on them with each other. Another Universes Stella Vermilion boyfriend Ikki Kurogane cheated on her wi...
Loving can hurt  by ishaani5004
Loving can hurt by Ishaani
#1 in romance (19/11/2020) What happens when you suddenly find out that your getting married? You freak out but what happens when Roopitha Verma, 22 year old young docto...
Single Father by surfin_sunsets
Single Fatherby Heidi Lubbers
||COMPLETED|| "I love you..." I had whispered. I sat there staring into the eyes I've come to know as beautiful. I smiled at her. A small smile crept to her l...
My new 6 stepbrothers  by Madi__x
My new 6 stepbrothers by Madi
Isla Pyle is a 17 year old girl. Who's life has changed dramatically in such a short space of time. Isla's mom sprang her new fiancée on her. A move to another country...