But, i'm falling for your eyes

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i'm in love now, kiss me like you wanna be loved.

I wanted to update, because i have a really really good idea for this chapter. I hope you enjoy it as well.

-Erin's POV- ( Did i mention this is going to be quite nice and long)

I sat on the plane, not being bothered what was around me. It was probably 2ish in the morning ( I'M WRITTING THIS ON MONDAY, BUT IT'S GOING TO BE PUBLISHED TODAY WOAH, ACHVIMENT, THAN MERRY CHRISTMAS! Well.. early .)

I wanted to sleep, but you know when your so exicted, you can't? Yeah, i have that feeling.

I sighed, i just should fall asleep. I Don't want to look like a complete retard when i meet Pj .

-Erin's Dream-

( And i mean for this to have no tears, or triggering something, it just came to my mind and based off of my real life.)

I walked up to Pj's door, and i just stood there, i didn't want to move, knock,breath, talk, I was scared.

I slowly moved my hand to knock on his door, but it flew open, i was greeted with hugs tears, i just hugged him, i was in pain. i had forgotten that my wrist we're still bleeding from the cuts i've made.

Erin, let's go out! Pj said puting my lugage in his apartment and taking my hand and leding me out the door.

A silence hushed over me. My eyes we're searching the empty streets of London, which isn't right. Because London is really busy from what i hear, i looked at Pj who had the biggest smile on his face, he gripped my hand tighter, as he was frightend i was going to leave or let go. I wasn't going to be honest, i love being here with Peej, i do. But i don't know how i'm going too tell him my probelms, or if i'm going to ever tell him. I looked down at my feet, not wanting to face Pj's eyes. They we're practually starriing into my soul!
We entered a old little cafe, i smiled as the waiter assinged us our table, and took our order.

I need the washroom, be right back. I Said with a small weak smile, Pj nodded has he looked down at his phone, as if he was writting everything i said or did.

I made my way to the bathroom and locked the door, i pulled out my toothbrush from my bag, and my blade from my pocket.

I slowly bent down over the toilet, and grabbed my toothbrush and shoved it down my throat i gaged and threw up.

I wipped my mouth and flushed the toilet, i held my blade up and pressed it against my skin, the blood trickled down my fragile arm, i got dizzy and everything was spinning.

I managed to find my way back to the table, looking like i just had a stroke.

Are you okay? Pj asked with reaching over too touch my hand.

Y-y-e-a-h-h- why wouldn-t-t i--i- b-b-b-b-b-_____ I fainted , my head smacked the table.

- End of Erin's dream-

I shot up from my seat panting, sweat dropslits sliding down my face, everyone was asleep so they didn't see me. I made the loudest sighing noise and leaned back into my seat, i just wanted someone to tell me it's okay. But no one knew me, or knew my life. I just want to get to Peej and London , too get this over with!

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