The ghost in my soul

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The ghost in my soul,

Is reaching for more.

I'll live through another day

I'm going too update with an acutal chapter, like litteraly, i feel bad for freaking out on you guys, it wasn't all of you correcting me, but please do relize, i take your words to heart and the person i am, i take it seriously. It's a big trigger for me.

-Narroters POV-

Erin and Pj stood on the sidewalk, hugging. People pushed by, yelling, sighing, cursing under there breath. Did they care? Obviousy not.

Erin had let go of Pj, sorta making a slight awakard cough, picking up her two pieces of luagge and waiting for pj to walk to his flat, or house, Whatever you want to call it.

The streets of london we're busy, more than you would think of it. They struggled to walk around, without getting pushed around, as we all know Pj is used to it since he's lived here for awhile, but for Erin it's a tottaly diffrent life. She lived in a small town, of course she's not used too it.

As they walked for a long period of time, they finally reached Peej's house, or flat. It was quite small compared too Erin's but who's to complain. Atleast it's something.

All day, all they did was make videos, have a few laughs, look around london, and be lazy like the people they are. Than it came around to supper time, that's when Erin needed to figure something out, She haven't ate in forever, maybe a few fruits and water, but then burned it all off by exersizing.

Peej insisted to go out, but Erin did not want to, but she couldn't deny him, she just couldn't so she took the chance and went out, she would find out a way to get the food out of herself.

As they walked to the resturant, Erin grabbed Pj's hand,  just for comfort. They constally smiled at eachoher, it felt  like they we're younger, all over again, suddenly Erin had a feeling in her mind, she was remember something.

-Flash back-

I woke up in a bed, with a machine at my side, i didn't understand where i was, or why i was here anyways. I looked to my right was a window and too my left was a door.

I sighed and layed my head back down, not really caring to figure out where i was, my head hurt too much. Shortly after maybe 15 mintues, Dan,Philm Chris walked in, all with tears of either joy in their eyes or pain, i couldn't tell. After a full on hour of tears and explaing why i was in here, i wondered where Pj was. Where did he go?

Dan looked at, as if he knew i was confused, Than he said it, What he said broke my heart, how could i not remeber. I pointed too the door, giving the boys the signal to leave,They we're confused at first, but they just did what i told them too do. After they left, i just broke down in tears. Why did he have to go? Why. Why did his mum make him move, my only friend that i trusted, sure they're was Chris,Dan,Phi. But they were'nt Peej. It was so diffent without him, i just remeber what Dan said.

"Peej isn't coming back . Anytime soon. I'm sorry.. He moved to London, 1000 miles apart from all of us"

-End of Flash back-

I sniffled, trying to contain my tears in my eyes, i Didn't want Peej too see me crying because of a silly memory. I didn't even relize we we're in the resutrant with our food sitting in front of us. I starred down at my burger, it looked good but i knew i didn't want to eat it. I gave Pj a heart warming smile that he returned in a favor. After i finshed eatting my burger, unormally fast,I told Pj i needed the bathroom.

I had locked the stal door behind me and kneeled down. I felt a few tears slide down my face i knew what i'm doing is wrong, But i can't handle the food being stuck in my stomache, I slowly put my finger down my throat causing me too throw up, i did that until blood and water came up, Than i knew all the food was gone, i pulled out a mint and made my breath smell like mints, so Peej didn't expect anything i want to tell him, but something in me is telling me not too.

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