Maybe this year, i won't be sad on christmas

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maybe i'll have a happy hoilday.

i've never heard the angels sing, i hope and i pray that may be this christmas, maybe this year i won't be sad on christmas. Maybe i'll have a happy hoilday.

Heyo!, I was told to update SO I AM :D Have you guys heard the ShaneDawsons new christmas video? I sorta cried because it said on the newspaper "  christmas car crash leaves man dead" It kinda reminded me of my friend who commited suicide on Christmas eve. I do miss her alot , My one wish was for her to come back for one more christmas. Enjoy this chapter.

-Erin's POV-

Why did Pj call me... I only sounded so .. weird because i was running... I can't believe he remebered me.. I rememeber the day he left like it was yesterday

Erin's flashblack.

PJ NOO! I Screamed as he picked me up.

Don't worry i won't drop you! Pj said giving me a warm smile that i adored.

i love you peej. I said giving him a smile.

I love you too. Pj said with a smile and we ended up kissing, it was the best thing that had ever happend to me.

I'm going to miss you.. It's not going to be the same anymore! All the memories we had together.. everything. It's like it's getting pushed away... Pj said with tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

Pj, i'm going to miss you alot. I really hope you don't forget me. I won't ever forget you! I promise. I said with the angony in my voice, at that point i just started crying. My bestfriend... My boyfriend. Is moving to London. London engalnd. That's ... 1000 miles apart. How am i going to deal with this. He stopped me from cutting myself, Straving myself. He practually stopped me from doing anything bad. That was Pj.

PJ! COME ON WE HAVE TO GO!! Pj's mum screamed. I turned my body to face Pj's mum, i gave her a weak smile as the tears flow down my cheeks. Pj's Mum walked up to me and gave me a hug, i just cried into her shoulder.

I'm going to m-miss you. I whispered to Pj's mum as i pulled away and walked to Pj and hugged him tight as i could.

Erin, stop crying. I love you. I won't EVER EVER EVER Forget you. I'm going to miss you so much. Please please don't do anything bad. Please Erin. Pj whispered as we pulled away. At that time He was crying as much as i was.

This is so depressing.. But i have to break it we have to go Pj. Pj's mum said with hurt in her eyes and voice as she took Pj's hand and walked to the car. They both got in and I ran to Pj's door. He threw a neckacle at me and i caught it. It said "p" For PJ. I smiled and waved as the tears ran down my cheeks, his car slowly driffted out of the street.. It's like my life just ended.

I miss you already. I whispered to myself and i put the neckacle around my neck and walked to Pj's empty house, i walked up to PJ'S Room which was filled with nothing but a bed that they had left here. I sat on the bed crying. I will miss you Pj. I will.


I sat on the stair case of my apartment and started crying like there was no tomorrow. Than my phone rang

"PJ <3" Caller I.D

Hello? I heard Pj's soft voice say through my phone.

I pulled myself together.

Hi Pj! I said with cheer in my voice.

This is probably so soon but.. Do you um.. want to come to London ? You know to like .. meet up again? Pj said i could tell he was smiling.

Pj, i never though you ask. I said into Phone with the most happiest voice.

Yay! I paid for your ticket, get your stuff ready and leave tomorrow at 7 AM! Pj said with happy in his voice

- Call end-

What did i get myself into?

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