you'll never treat yourself right

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but darling... i want you too.

And i've just let these little things slip out of my mouth.

Sorry, i know i haven't wrote in ages. Like i've been busy with alot of stuff, i do love how far this fanfiction got! Like i never expected that too happen, i'm a teenager on a website, but too think that people actually enjoy my fanfictions... it does mean alot.

-Pj's pov-

I sat there, starring down at my feet, i didn't have the courage to look at Erin right now. I felt my heart beating faster everytime she said my name, it felt like i was falling for her but i can't i just can't

what if she has a boyfriend?

Does she even like me the way i like her?

Why am i even talking to myself..

I sighed and slowly made my head look up, Erin's blue eyes we're starring at me , as if they we're starring into my fricken soul, she had a small grip on knife and a grin on her face. I wanted to re-start my reletionship with her, i need to tell her with my mind/body and spirt.

I waved too a waiter giving him a signal to give us the bill. Shortly after we got our bill and payed, i gripped Erin's hand and interwined our fingers, i knew Erin was surprized at first but she gripped my hand back, i had a small smile slowly apper onto my face. It felt like we we're younger again, us in grade 7, grade 7 was a eventful year, but also our best.

-Flash back-

Peej! Please just sing, you'll do fine! I'll come on there with you if that's good too? Erin said, as we stood on the stage of our school.

Fine.But you're singing the high note, unless the school wants to hear a dying mongoose. I said with a little chuckle, i grabbed Erin's hand and walked onto the stage. Everything was going to be okay, i guess if i'm with her, i'll do just fine..

-End of flash back-

i love Erin, i do but how do i tell her? i told myself in my head, than it clicked, i had the best idea know to man fucking kind.

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