I hope your fucking in love with me.

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it seems like nothing changed.

Hiya everyone! IT'S SATURDAY<3 WEOO. I'm going shopping today around 1 ish. Well it's 12:01 am right now, 1 Pm ! SO YEAH LET'S GET ON WITH THIS .

-Erin's POV-

What did i just get myself into? What if i said no? Why did he get my ticket?

I Sighed and unlocked the door to my apartment, i had moved out of my parents house, now i'm in a apartment, now im going to London? fucking hell.

I walked to the bathroom and leaned over the tub , turned on the water and washed my hair.

I liked that i kinda had the scene swip going on. So i got out of my pasetls and pasteld my bangs blue and my tips green. I had to admit i looked cool. I grabbed my blue and black glasses and put them on.

I walked out to my kitchen and grabbed a pack of apples and put them in the fridge, i grabbed a monster and walked to my couch and went on my Iphone, i just easlily went on Instagram.

( Follow my Instagram! official_trencher)

I scrolled threw my home page, alot of 1D pictures, Marianas trench, Pj, Dan,Phil, Mattg, LedaBunnie, the usual.

I Put my phone away and lyed down.. It was 12:33 am. I guess i should pack, than sleep. Then prepare myself to go meet and see Pj ... we we're 1000 miles apart, but now. That's changing.

-Next Morning-

Oh shit! I said shooting up from my soft purple bed.

It was 4:56 am. I had to get my shit together.

I Grabbed my iphone, clothes, shampoo,pastels,brushes, toothpaste, toothbrushes. My laptop, and a few other things.

I ran to the shower and quickly washed my body, i needed to smell nice, RIGHT?

Time i got ready, it was 6:30 am, i had to be on my plane by 7:10 am, i need to hurry!

-At the airport-

Time i got there it was 6:59 am, i was ok, i hope.

I put my luggage where it was suppoes to be, i ran through a million of people and finally found my gate, i got my pasport out and walked to the line, here it goes. Here i am.

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