Theres no going home.

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know the time, they all straved and looked the same.

Okay, it's still saturday, i had  a rough day. I've got yelled at , pushed, hit. But i never gave in , i never gave in to cut, or hurt myself in any other way. I just walked alone like nothing was wrong, i phoned friends, family, cousins. They helped. But i need to learn to start helping myself, and not always hope everyone can help. Because what if.. it's too late?

-Pj's POV-

It was now 12:00 pm, Erin was probably on the plane, I had to admit i was happy to see her. I just want to rememeber things.

-Pj's flashback-

Mum.. will we ever go back? I asked with tears down my cheeks, we we'rent even half way down the road, and all i wanted to do was run out of the car, hold Erin for one last time. It's all i wanted.

No Peej, we aren't, we won't have the time, i'm sorry. My mum said while focusing on driviing.

I can't believe this.. i just lost it. I broke down in tears, i sat there in the back seat of my mum's car and cried. I miss you Erin.

I pulled out my phone and typed in Erin's name.

ERIN, PLEASE. PLEASE I LOVE YOU, AND I MISS YOU. Just... remember me, I'l remember you too. I miss you . Please keep in touch! I said into her inbox of her phone, she obviously coulnd't answer on how sad she was, as we drove away, all i could think of was her blue eyes, that where now filled up disapointment and hurt.

We drove for ages, and ages. I just want out. Just out of this car. Now.

My phone went off and i had a heartattack, it was just Dan.

Hello? I Said wipping my tears and atlest trying to sound happy.

PJ, ME PHIL CHRIS FOUND ERIN IN YOUR OLD HOUSE, SHE HAD INPAILED HERSELF, SHE'S DYING PJ. SHE'S..... a short silence came over Dan, he couldn't speak. She's dying Pj. Dan said, "she's dying" was his last words before hanging up.

That's when i lost it, i'm here. In a car, not with them, if i was there, she wouldn't of have killed herself. Is she going to be alive? I won't ever know now...

-End of Pj's flashback-

I wipped my tears that where coming my eyes, finding them down to my cheeks. I tried to think postive, that Erin was still here and she's coming here. But my main question was... Is she still the same, or is ... diffrent?

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