1000 miles away ( A KickThePj fanfiction)

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Erin and Pj we're the bestest of friends for many years, they went to the same school as eachother, for years and years, But after they finshed Highschool, Pj moved to London leaving Erin. Erin was depressed for several years and she needed a way to cope,She started to cut, be anorexic, But one day Pj feels like he has forgotten someone, or something.He goes threw his phone to find the contact Erin, he instally remebers all the memories they had together, even the little so called reletionship they had in grade 8. He rings up Erin asking her to come to London to meet him again, and make new memories and share new ones. Will Erin and Pj become best friends again or will they become more. Read to find out a fanfiction by Erinjean xx

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