Lay it down, slow.

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lay it down easy, but lay it on me, if you got love in your heart, why don't you keep it with us?

WOAH, ERIN. YOU'RE UPDATING. AGAIN???? yes i am lovely citzen.

-Erin's POV-

'Thank you so much, pj"

We hugged for a while, i just loved this feeling. What? The feeling of being in the arms of someone you love, but they don't know.

To tell you the truth, i'm bloody scared of what Pj will think of me now that he knows, or i'm still wondering when he figured it out. Was i too obvious? Was i too .... different?

"Peej..." I said pulling away from the hug and looking down, i wanted to ask him if he felt the same way as me, but what if he didn't. I'd be making a fool of myself.

"Yeah Erin? Hold your thought." Peej said whilst geting up and going to his room.

I looked at the ground again, i wanted to be face to face with him and just tell him, all these bloody years. Today has to be the day i tell him. Or i'm never going to get the chance!

"Okay,hi." Peej said sitting back down beside me on the floor, not sure why we remained on the floor.

"Do you.. remember this neckacle?" Pj said while he picked the silver neckacle out of the box, it had the letter E and P. Do i remember this?...


Peej wait up! Erin yelled behind me

ONE SECOND, I WANT TO GET SOMETHING. I said whilst running into the shop.

It was full of jewerly and other cool things but i didn't have time for the little toys.

I managed to drag myself to the jewerely section, a ring? No. A what even is this? A neckacle.? YES.

I picked up a letter E, and a letter P, And walked over to the cash register.

I payed for the iteams and quickly put the two golden letters on the neckacle

"I'm going to keep this with me forever so if i ever move, i remember you" I smiled as i put the neckacle around my neck.


"i , i remember this, I remember..." I said while i was trying to hold back my tears.

"I kept it... i always wore it." Peej said while i felt his hands goes around my neck.

"You keep it now, you wont forget me now.. well because"Peej said while he started to breath heavier.

"Because what Peej.." i said , i couldn't stop the tears now. They just came.

"Because... i want you to be with me. Forever. so will um. will you be my girlfriend?" Pj said while i loooked up and saw tears down his face as well. I didn't know how to respond, i just nodded and stood up and gave him a hug.

"This... this is what i've waited for. Now we don't  have to be 1000 miles apart."

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