Goodbye Chris (Crabstickz)

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If you didn't know about this already, Chris has quit youtuber, leaving the fantasic foursome. It's not the same anymore without him, i know. The fandom fell apart , i know i did. Why would he leave us? Well i honestly don't know, every youtuber needs privacy and imagine being in his place, we think the hate we get, they get 10x more than any of us would, daily. All the thumbs ups and thumbs down. The haters, the fans, the fandom. It's hard. Uploading videos, every week or two. Having to come up with ideas every week or two, it's not easy. They are HUMAN BEINGS. They went to primery school, highschool and some even went to universty. They're like each and one of us, i won't keep the feelings too myself, it's better to express them. But people who now leaving his fandom, -holds open door- And you're not alllowed back in either.

Leaving him, Why? Supporting him, on youtube or not. It's always best to stay by they're side and say "I'm never leaving, im staying right beside you" The words you just said , it sticks with them, Each and every youtuber get's haters, it's normal. But for chris it was diffrent, i'm not sure why he would leave us. Maybe for his acting carrer? Family issues? His Own probmles? He didn't say why, but we have to repsect his choice. We can't do anything to make him come back. We can try, but it doesn't always work.

We miss you Chris... Adios.You'll always be in our hearts no matter what you do. 

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