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So this has 1 vote and i made this yesterday, yeah? Like that's actually pretty good XD well for me yenno.

Everythins always about you.. always.

-Erin's Pov and later that evening-

I sat on my couch not knowing what to do, i turned off my tv, layed my head down on my couch and soon fell asleep into a deep sleep. I always temp to fall asleep and not being able to wake up for hours.

I can see from your tears, that it's over. I was singing in my dream, that's weird.. Never happend to me before, because i don't really sing because i'm not good at it i sing for fun. ( And sometimes that is a good thing :D)

Where do i begin? Should i tell you? I sang again, i didn't like what i was doing, yenno? I started to get nervoues and panic and look around. Than i woke up.

Jesus.. I said sitting up and adjesting my tight jeans and walking to my kitchen and pulling out a apple. I looked at it because someone said " Starring at an apple makes you loose weight" So i tried it. I FEEL SO MUCH LIGHTER ( Sarcasm)

I put the apple away , and heard my phone making  a noise when i got a email, i had thought Pj responded, so i  litteraly ran over a million things that was on my floor, it was just a email telling me someone was uploading a video.

I picked up my jacket and earphones and phone and headed out wanting to forget things.

-Pj's POV-

i was on my laptop, replying to a few people that had commented on my recent video.

I came across a extermly rude comment in reply to erincarey11.


i cringed at that, i read erincarey11's comment, i did not remeber a Erin from middle school, i remeber grade 8 though just not a erin, maybe if i look back at some old photos i'll remeber?

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