Heart throb out of me

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This place is a hole, i don't want to go.

Awesome moment when your mum starts playing marianas trench... I taught her well.

-Pj's POV-

i closed my laptop , and walking to my living room area and pulling out a few pictures from my younger years.I smiled at me in Grade 4, i was really tiny and my hair looked like a fur ball.

I looked through some pictures from 4-highschool, oh my i have changed , litteraly.I grabbed a photo that i sorta made a funny face at, I don't remember this one bit.

Some girl was on my shoulders, blonde hair over my head, me smiling ear to ear, i looked so... happy. I put the picture down with tears in my eyes. I walked to my bathroom and shutting the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror and shook my head, i slipped off my clothes and turned on the shower ( Just imagine Pj getting naked... let that sink in. There we go!)

I let the water hit my skin and ring my hands through my wet hair ( No this is not getting sexual, just a shower calm your tits and keep your knickers out of a twist)

I washed my self ( K wowowow ) And washed my hair and turned off the water, i walked out of the shower and stepped on my fuzzy mate, grabbing my towel and wrapping it around me waist.

I looked around my empty house and sighed. I really want to call someone but i don't know who! That's something i hate ....

I walked to my room and flicked on the light and grabbed some pants and a sweater and turned on my camera to flim a random video because i have nothing else better to do in my life rather than make youtube videos

HELLO! i said into my camera.

After i stopped recording, i headed to starbucks. ( Idk what he orders...)

I got my drink and me self a seat to sit in. I put my hand in my pocket and took out of me iphone and scrolled threw my photos. I Found the same picture i had been looking at , when i was at home. I zoomed in on the girl's face and than it clicked it my head, i suddenly remembered everything, every memory. It was Erin. It was Her.

I quickly went to my contacts and had found a contact that said " Erin Monster!" ( Everyone calls me that in real life..)

I dialed her number hoping she'd pick up.

Hello? Erin said in her phone, out of breath as in she had been running.

Erin? it's pj, you remember me yeah? I asked with a worried voice, what if she doesn't remember me, what if i'm nothing to her!

Pj? Pj.. i . I remember you. She said with a little sniffle as in she started crying, but than the line went dead. What did i do?

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