Just Breath.

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though it won't it be the day.

I just want to make a qucik litle intro, i know alot of you message me on KIK. Or my IG. Asking for advice on self harm, anorexia, bulimia, how did i beat them. How did i do it. Well i can tell you...

I have struggled with a eatting disorder since i was 10, because in grade 5 i was overweight. So i changed my figure over the summer going into grade 6. I had lost 78 pounds, i was now 67 pounds 5'1. I was skin and bones, but you know what i saw? I saw beauitful and i knew i could go lower,so i did. After christmas break i dropped to 54 pounds. Thats when i was admitted to Rhodes Farm North London. I was there for a long 12 weeks. I got back on easter morning. My weight was 87 pounds. I am now in Grade 7, 99-100 pounds. 5'4 I'm at a heathly weight. All you need to do is

Work out to be fit, not skinny.

Eat to nourish your body, with the stuff it needs to stay alive.

And ignore the haters, because you are beauitful to everyone, even if they don't say it.

Now for the self harm...

I've always hated talking about my selfharm, because SO many people joke about it. It's not a joke, or funny. It's serious and it lead me to the hosptial 6 times. 3 weeks each, could you imagine that? I was 11 and struggling with anorexia so i was doubled in the hosptial.

I've always been the happiest, kindiest , shyest child out of my whole class. But it all changed one day, when a group of kids, well this was in the summer, a group of kids asked me to hang with them at the pool,  back than i was deadly thing and i looked like i had bones, no muscle, no skin, Nothing. So one kid deciced to pull a "Prank" On me and call me fat, causing me to get angry with them, The later on when i got home, i had found a blade under the sink, i had locked myself in the bathroom, I had looked at the blade for a long period of time. Everyone had left to go to supper while i stayed home, i wasn't comfertable of going out with my body. I had held the blade up against a light, it shined. I sorta smiled at it and dragged it across my upper arm, the blood had dripped all the way down my arm, it was my way of getting my anger out, i let my anger out on myself. This went for 3 months, than it got worse. I did it everywhere that was clean, Legs, stomach, arms, even i made one on my upper hipbone. My body's filled with scars bruises, and most important. Memories. I still selfharm from this day on but i'm trying my best to stop, if i can try. So can you.


I have never expeirnced with Builmia but i know a few celebriteys that have...

.Josh ramsay is one of them.

If you don't know what Builmia is, it's where you eat alot, than purge it up. Because you can't keep it down. It's sad... If your struggling with this issue, PLEASE Get help. IT IS worth it.

Okay, since i just made this really really long, the chapter should be good ;D

-Pj's POV-

I had hung up, leaving myself with the biggest grin on my face. Erin was actually coming to London.

I picked up my phone. "4:44" Pm.

I should call Dan.


Yes Pj? he said

Do you rememeber Erin?

Erin.. Erin.. OH Yeah i do why?  Dan said with a confused voice

Because.. she's coming to vist me!

OOO, PJ'S GOT HIS OLD GIRLFRIEND BACK!? I Heard Phil question in the back.

SHUT UP PHIL! I heard Dan scream and return to me.

Yeah, she should come vist all of US. Dan said with a slight laugh.

Yeah yeah, i'll work on it! I smiled and than hung up.

I flew myself onto my bed and layed there.

Tomorrow is the day Erin's coming

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