Give me love.

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give me love, like never before. Because maybe i've been craving more.

Hiya guys, i haven't updated since December 17, it's time to update, I'm sorry . - Erin x

-PJ's POV-

Erin plane was suppoes to land at 9:30 , it was 8:45 i should get going.

-at the airport-

I walked to gate 43, and sat down. I sat there , my head looking down, i was smiling, but also at the same time crying, No i'm not sad, i'm just happy i get too see my bestfriend again.

Pj sat there, a long period of time, He paincked when peopleb started too walk out of gate 43, it had all come so fast, and so soon. 5-10 people walked out, then a few more, than a few more, it was like a never ending chain of people, but suddenly it happend.

Erin, she walked out, Pj's head shot up, he starred at Erin, a song came into his mind, a song erin would always qoute, " They would wish me one more day to.. stay" Pj stood up slowly, standing infront of his seat, waiting for Erin to notice him.

Pj? Erin said whilst walking to Pj, Pj was surprized on her looks, blue bangs and green tips, but the same blue eyes, that sparkled in the sun, her flawless skin, and perfect nose, and her body, it looked heathlier than ever. Little did Pj know that Erin is sucked back into Anorexia.

Yes, I'm Pj, Pj. Pj said with repeating his name twice, as in he was nervoues.

Erin smiled, she picked up her duffle bag and started to walk, "Come on Pj, don't wanna miss me stuff!" Erin said with a giggle, Pj nodded and made his way to Erin's side.

They stood there for atleast 20 - 40 mintues, finally Erin's luggage came, She quickly grabbed it and than walked back to Peej, with a unforgetable smile, that never left Peej's mind. Ever

Pj had noticed , Erin was struggling with her lugage, Peej decided to be a gental men and pick up her suitcase.

Erin looked at Pj, with her shining blue eyes, that suddenly filled with tears, she dropped her bag and hugged Peej, Peej didn't respond , he just hugged her tightly, as if they we're younger all over again.

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