Battel Scars

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these battels scar, don't look like they're fading.

I'm really sorry i haven't updated in forever, but im 13 now ^_^ , i've stopped cutting, i started eating. I'm a lot more happier than i've ever been. AND YES I LOVE MARIANAS TRENCH, I'M MEETING THEM ON THR 19th OF APRIL MOTHERFUCKERS. Okay i'm good now.

-Erin's POV-

Peej was acting all weird, he kept grabbing my arm, hugging me out of no where. i'm starting to worry..

I glanced at Pj and gave him a heart warming smile, i've never felt so happy in my life..

(jesus. I'm listening to Lovedrug-paper scars and i started crying :l)

He's made my life 5x times better. Even though it's only been a few days with him. Some people can do that, he said he was sorry for moving away. It wasn't his fault. I laughed and it said it was okay. My god how did i survive without him..

I gripped his hand tighter and let a few tears fall. What i was doing to myself was wrong, but i couldn't stop. It's so hard, i want too tell him, but at the same i don't..

As i thought about this feeling , i burst into tears. Peej looked at me and stood up and gave me a giant hug. This feeling felt right. I wanted to just stay this close to him forever. ( WHY DO I CRY WHEN I WRITE THESE THINGS? MAYBE BECAUSE I MISS MY BOYFRIEND WHO IS 1100 MILES AWAY FROM ME)

I started shaking because this brought back memories.. I just wanted to cry and hug him forever, he was so kind and perfect. Peej was tall. he wore skinny jeans, he plays guitar, his hair is just ugh i love it, his accent, his laugh, his eyes, his smile, his personailty is just amazing.

I slowly backed up and whisperd "Thank you.."

All i heard was " Anytime, you deserve the best" and he pulled up my sleves.

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