in an office, no one can hear you dream.

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“If someone calls you weird, look them straight in the eye and say thank you.”

-Pj's Pov-

I pulled up her sleeves and looked at her straight in the eyes, she desverved better! She had no reasson to be doing this TO HERSELF, BLOODY HELL. ( i have no imagition at the moment, so this should be really ... COOL?)

'Why would you do this? You have so much more to live for than .. be ... depressed!" I slightly raised my voice on every word that came out of my mouth, she didn't respond she just starred at the floor. No experssion, no movement, nothing.

I sighed and let go of her arm, she rolled her sleeves back down and all she said was

"imgoingotooshowerr" Really fast and walk away from me. What the hell?

I heard the bathroom door shut, i slowly got up trying to make myself quite so she didn't hear me. I pressed my ear against the door, trying to listen to see if anything was going on.

I didn't hear her crying, no cabnets opening, no sighing, just running water. I slowly pulled my self away from the door and gave myself a slight smile.

I didn't want too think about bad moments right now, i wanted to think of the past, too see if i was missing something or i did something wrong... Did my moving away effect her? I wouldn't think so... Hopefully.

I sat myself on the floor outside the bathroom door, i seemed really creepy but i'm just curious... You know? What if you just figured out your bestfriend you honestly love to death has been harming them selfs for a few years now. How would you react?

She made it obvious, that she was hiding something from me. I just wanted to remember good times and maybe try to convice her too stop. I heard the water stop and a few moments later the door opening.

'Peej? What the hell are you doing on the bloody floor?" Erin questioned me, I looked up from my feet to see her in a t-shirt and shorts. Her hair brushed and no makeup, i liked her this way. ( Did i honestly just tell you what i'm wearing, k cool.)

"Um.. Nothing. nothing at all!" I said with a small smile, she knew i was disapointed in her but we both wanted to have a good time and focus on the positive side of things.

"To tell you i haven't done it for a year now, i stopped when i figured out i got to see you again Peej" Erin said whilst she sat beside me on the floor.

" That's good... and why would you be happy to see ME?" i question.

"Because you're the only person that knew how to make me smile , laugh, hug, and your bloody insane. Your a attractive man haha, You knew what too say when i was down, you we're always there for me, your drawings are fabulous, your sketches are just wonderful, and most importantly. You're just You, Pj." She said and smiled.

I didn't have anything to say back. Not because i'm...shocked? Because i'm just... happy. I looked at her and gave her a hug, she desverve the best. for anything.

"Thank you, so much Pj."

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