Take the pain away.

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First chapter, let me know if it needs inprovement.

-Erin's POV-

I sat on my bed, jamming out to My chemical romance. I looked around my green room, i sighed and pulled my self up off my ass and walk to the little shelf full of pictures, i picked up atleast 50 of them, i walked to my desk and sat down in my chair.

I layed the pictures down and looked at them, smiling and remebering each and everyone of these days and what we did, i came over a picture that brought me to tears. It was me in Grade 8, with Pj. I whipped the tears that we're down my cheeks and looked at the picture once more.

I was on Pj's back, my blonde hair flying over his shoulders, Pj smiling ear to ear with his brown hair sorta long. This must of been when we're "Dating" I Put down the photo and walked away to my door.

MOM? I yelled and not hearing anything

DAD? I yelled again , i don't think anyone was home.

I walked to the kitchen getting a chocolate muffin. And sitting on the couch and grabbing my laptop, I went on youtube.

KICKTHEPJ Had uploaded a new video!! My friend said texting me, i searched up KICKTHEPJ And clicked on his recent video, i was smiling through the whole thing. Than it ended, i scrolled down to the comment box.

"HEEYY Pj, i'm not sure if you remeber me :/ WAAH. But i'm Erin, We we're bestfriends through school years, you left me to go to London with your family and friends, i miss you PJ!" I said, i hope he saw my comment, if he didn't i'd be dissapointed.

I closed my laptop, and grabbing my muffin and jamming it into my mouth, and going on my Instagram, I checked PJ's instagram, i sorta seem stalkerish but i just want to see how my bestfriend or Friend is doing yenno? Wouldn't you do the same?

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