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april 4

"hi." his voice felt warm, and asa honestly didn't know how much she missed his presence until he was stood there in front of her with his oversized sweatshirt pulled over his baseball cap. just looking at him, a smile grew on asa's face before she could even stop herself.

"hey." she smiled back, raising her hand to wave at the waitress across the room. "your usual?" she grinned at the boy as he placed his things down, sitting across from her; only a tiny circular table in between the two, the table to two always seemed to claim every time they came to this cafe.

"you know it." he laughed. "they seemed to have changed the decorations in here." timothée spoke once asa was finished ordering and the two had received their drinks from the barista.

"yeah, they definitely did." she said, glancing around the room. the walls, which used to inhabit weird paintings that she and timothée tried their hardest to decipher, were instead large antique mirrors, rimmed with chipping gold. "love the new look, now we can just look at ourselves all the time."

"well that's great, now i don't have to look at your face the whole time." timothée teased, leaning in towards the girl, making her heart stop. does he remember? he's acting pretty normal for having just slept with his best friend.

"are we okay?" she suddenly spoke, looking his at the boy, who seemed like he just noticed the decreasing space between them two, pulling himself to lean back on the chair. "are we okay? after that night." her voice dropped at the last part, rubbing her hands across her thighs.

"yeah, ace, why wouldn't we be?" he mumbled after a moment of silence, his arms going across his chest.

"i just want to make sure we are in good terms, you know what i mean? i don't want a stupid night messing up our relationship." asa awkwardly laughed, picking at her nails as she spouted out more words. no words escaped timothée's lips as he stared at the table, so asa began talking more and more. "i know we haven't talked in a while, and that's totally my fault, but i didn't want us to be on weird terms, especially before i head to london."

  "you're going to london?" timothée finally said, perking up his head.

  "yeah!" asa smiled, nodding her head, finally glad to get him talking again. "you remember that audition i had a while ago? well i got the role, so i'm heading to england for three months. i'll be gone for the whole summer."

  "oh," timothée muttered, a smile settling on his face. "i'm glad, congrats on the role, what show is it for?"

  "you know that british show that i wanted you to watch, sex education? yeah, so i'm going to play a new american transfer student. but you can't tell anyone, you're the only one who really knows. not even arlo!"

"that's great." he smiled once more at her, pulling his mug up, almost as if he wanted to shield his face. then the room fell in to silence once more, asa's stomach turning at the sight.

it wasn't supposed to be like this. it wasn't supposed to be awkward, it was supposed to be quick and easy, and they were supposed to just get back to the way they were. back to when the world between them was platonic.

"t, are you sure were fine?" she mumbled once more, breaking the seemingly vow of silence between them. "just know, that i wasn't there to lead you on or anything, or make you think anything. t, i want you to know that i would never do that to you. that would be seriously selfish, especially the fact that i don't think i'm ready for anything, if i'm honest. i don't think i have time for a boyfriend or anything, that's why-"

"asa, chill, stop rambling." timothée chuckled, placing down the latte, one that he barely sipped despite the fact that he held it so close to his face. "i get what you mean. it was nothing, really nothing. and i'm not ready for anything either. we were just drunk. i honestly don't remember any of it."

"nothing?" she mumbled quietly to herself, before shaking her head. "yeah, me either. like you said. nothing." peering to look up at the boy, a grin grew on her face as she suddenly saw the smile of her best friend again. "so, back to platonic?"

"back to platonic."


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