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april 3

"you what?!" the blonde headed girl gasped, right before asa leaned over the table and slammed her hand over the girl's gaping mouth. wiggling away from asa's grip, the girl spoke once more. "you actually slept with tim-"

  "saoirse, shut up!" asa muttered, taking a glance around the restaurant deck that they were currently eating at. "look, there are paparazzi across the street. i don't want this on the tabloids before i even talked to timothée about it."

  "you mean to tell me you haven't talked to him about it yet?" alice, who was sitting across the table next to saoirse, dropped the fork she was currently holding, it clattering loudly against her plate of food. "and this happened how long ago?"

"yes!" asa seethed, shushing alice this time. the three girls stared at each other, each person processing the information throughly. "it was just a few days ago."

  "was it on your birthday?" alice asked first, leaning in closer so her voice could be softer.

"yeah," asa frowned.

  "few days ago my ass!" alice scoffed. "your birthday was a week ago! you mean you haven't talked to him in a week?"

  "yeah, it's the longest we've gone without talking since we met." asa mumbled, shaking her head slightly. "we were drunk, and then i guess we got a bit too crazy. it's just, we both lost our minds for a second. not too big of a deal, and i'm know timothee feels the same way. i just need to, collect myself before i go and see him. you know?"

"well, you assume he was thought it was no big deal." saoirse added after asa finished her rant.

"what do you mean?" asa's eyebrows furrowed together as she turned towards saoirse, who currently was busily twirling her noodles with her fork.

  "nothing," saoirse nonchalantly said, shrugging as she stuffed the collection of noodles in her mouth.

"asa, why haven't you talked to him yet?" alice said this time.

"well, because we're best friends, i didn't want to bring up anything awkward, you know what i mean." asa mumbled, picking at the chips on her plate. "i cant even remember that night, i literally just woke up with a naked timothée next to me!" hot air escaped asa's mouth as she continuously lowered her voice as she spoke.

  it wasn't like she was ashamed or anything. no, she loves timothée, just not in that way. timothée is her best friend, legit since the moment they met in passing on the streets of new york, he was the most important thing in her life, her purely platonic soulmate.

  but in that one seconds that one lapse of judgement, their whole dynamic went down the drain. suddenly the word platonic was meaningless and now they just have this thing hanging in between them two.

  asa could tell it would be torture trying to figure out what this meant between the two, so she knew she would like to push it back as far as she can.

  even if that meant ignoring timothée for a while.

  "at least so i can get my head wrapped around things." asa  added after answering alice's question. "i mean, you two are the only ones who i have told, not even jj knows!"

  "she has a crush on timothée, doesn't she?" alice mumbles, picking at the nail polish on her finger nails.

  "yeah, which is another reason why i need to think about what i'm going to say to timothée." asa muttered. "he knows i know about jj's crush, but i want him to know that it wasn't that, you know. i just need a bit of time."

  "well don't you think that's a bit unfair, ace?" saoirse spoke up, looking that the brunette square in the face. "i mean, timothée is probably out there wondering what the hell he did wrong, and why you are ignoring the hell out of him. maybe he doesn't even remember that night, and even if he does, he doesn't deserve to be left in the dark. i mean, you've guys have know each other for, how many years? and you've talked daily about everything. imagine how he feels to be left in the dust like that."

  asa pursed her lips at saoirse's words. as much as she wanted to ignore everything and everyone, saoirse was right about timothée.

  "you know he loves you, right?" alice butts in, placing her hand on the table. "whether that's platonically or not, you know he loves you. so you two will get over the whatever awkwardness that you think you two have, as long as you make an effort to clear it up."

  bitting her lip, asa looks up to see saoirse handing her her phone over the table.

  "so go, respond to his text before timothée loses his mind."



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vee here !

it took me so so so
long to write this
chapter and i honestly
don't know why 😔

but yo, like have any
of you guys seen the
netflix show bridgerton?
it's absolutely SO
good and i <3 me
some ✨regency
period-piece men ✨

anyways, i hope y'all
enjoyed this #rambling
and i hope you all have
a beautifully gorgeous day :) x

cheers! x



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i honestly didn't mean it that way at all, and i apologize deeply for ever putting that in the first place.
thank you to all the people who pointed it out to me, i just fixed it <33

take care of yourself guys.
xx vee.

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