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october 31

  last time asa was at a party like this, her world was flipped upside down, and weirdly enough, the same thing happened the time before. at this point, asa had believed that something was against her when it came to big parties. and right now, it seems that it was happening once again.

  but at the same time, asa could see it as a blessing. she'd been wondering how to talk to this person, and being forced into a room together just might be a great edition.

  "hey gi!" asa grinned as the door opened. the blonde grinned at the sight of asa, pulling her into a hug as she welcomed the trio of asa, arlo and alice together.

  "guys! i'm so glad you could make it!" gigi grinned as the trio entered her house. just the entrance was filled to the brim of costumed people, dancing away to whatever song was playing. "you guys look amazing!" gigi grinned, walking in front of the group. the group was a mess of costume ideas, ranging from arlo's jack-o-lantern inflated costume, to asa's deadpool costume that she begged ryan to borrow, nevertheless, the group proudly sported their costumes though much of the room was dressed as fairies or angels.

  "thanks gigi." alice, who was dressed as a football player, smiled at her, taking in the room around them. asa did the same, seeing some familiar faces, which allowed her to let go of the breath that she didn't know she was holding in. she was so used to parties with timothee, and with him not here, and people knowing he's not here, she could feel her heart pounding out of her chest.

"no problem, jj is already here, she's getting a drink." gigi said happily, peering towards the kitchen. asa felt her eyes widen at her name. it's been a while since she's heard jj's name, let alone talked.

"jj's here?" asa said quickly, stealing a look from alice beside her. alice too hadn't heard from her, but she assumed it's because she's been spending her time in LA. alice was told it was for her modeling job, but the more she was away, the less the group had contact with their roommate.

"yeah, i thought you guys knew?" gigi said, clearly confused. and asa couldn't blamed her. for as long as the two knew gigi, they had been inseparable when it came to these model parties, not to mention that the three girls were roommates and would arrive all together.

"oh yeah, she just hasn't texted us back yet." alice clearly covered for asa's flustered look. alice continued to make conversation with gigi, but asa blocked out the noise, her gaze traveling to the kitchen that gigi had nodded to earlier.

as groups of people made their way in and out of the doorway, asa quickly caught glimpse of the blonde hair she had been absent for almost a whole year of her life. she wanted to rush over there and demand to know what the hell was going on. what was going on between them, and timothee, and their friendship.  she wanted to tell her she's sorry. for setting her up with timothee, for timothee himself, for how she treated her.

  "hey, i'm going to say hi to jj." she muttered to the group, feeling her feet pull her in the direction of the kitchen where the dainty blonde laughed aloud.

  "asa are you sure?" alice quickly replied, catching asa's wrist in her hand. alice's eyes were filled with worry, and asa couldn't tell if it was because of her, or jj. either way, asa knew she wanted to head that way no matter what.

  "yeah." she sighed, pulling her arm out of alice'a grip. "i'm going to have to talk to her eventually." sending alice a look of the best comfort she could muster, asa made her way to the girl, focusing on one foot over another.

  "no, yeah, the shoot was crazy! they had fish all over the place, and i had to-" asa approached the group as the girl talked, laughing with a group of people around her. she explosively talked with passion to the group around her, not seeing the brown haired girl join the group from the door.

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