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july 24

if she could listen to herself speak, she would've thrown up. and she wouldn't complain. because anything, anything was better than the words that exited her mouth the moment she laid eyes on him.

the karaoke music was at an all time high, and asa was actually getting comfortable in her surroundings (that she once called home.) all the flitcherin boys were fitting in nicely, everyone else was acting like they used to, and everything seemed fine, only difference was that timothee and jj were missing for the scene.

as she watched davis and arlo scream songs for y2k, asa turned to alice.

"jj's in LA?" she questioned, bringing up the post the had posted earlier that day.

"i guess," alice shrugged, taking a sip of her drink. "she kinda just came home, packed her stuff, and then left."

"oh, that sudden?" asa furrowed her eyebrows. "that's really not like her?"

"well, she left a note saying she was coming back soon." alice sighed. "when i called her about it she said it was nothing and that she had some last minute work there." asa assumed the worse. the moment she was coming home, jj left.

"do you think," asa paused for a second wrapping her head around the situation. "do you think she left—"

"let's hear it for the party people!" arlo chanted, whooping loudly into the microphone. davis next to him began to pump his fist in the air as the rest of the group loudly cheered back at them. the upbeat song they were singing came to a close, leaving arlo and davis panting as they set down the microphones, throwing themselves lazily into a hug with one another.

"they're so dumb." alice grinned rolling her eyes at the boys who seemed to have quickly come to like one another. asa felt a smile widen on her face, seeing her brother treat davis like he was his close family, in a way asa had only seen him treat one other person. "we're lucky to have them, right?"

"yeah, definitely." asa wanted to puke. she knew there was a fine line of her emotions for davis, and she couldn't tell if she was faking herself or not.

"i'm really glad you're home, asa." alice said from beside her, smiling sweetly at the brunette. "i think we are all better off with you here." asa gave her a smile, knowing very well it's the opposite. "i love you, asa."

"love you too, ali." asa forced a smile, turning back to the boys as alice did. she couldn't think of it, and she didn't want to. they were probably better off living when she was in london, not troubling them with her timothee troubles, or her drama. asa pursed her lips as she thought, thinking back to when she thought this was normal, not realizing the stupid damage she created in her family's lives, and now she would be doing the same thing to davis, bringing him back here.

"next song!" davis shouted, pulling up the song guide, roughly flipping through the pages as if he was on a mission. arlo giddily sat next to him, throwing out possible suggestions for their next fire duet, as they had previously described them.

suddenly, arlo's phone began to ring from next to asa.

"arlo, your phone." asa said, picking up the phone and attempting to hand it to the busy boy. he just waved away the phone, still pointing out suggestions to davis as they flipped through the booklet. "come on dude, it's ringing." asa muttered, holding out the buzzing phone for her brother, who still wouldn't bat an eye at it.

"just pick it up for me." arlo waved his hand at her, finally landing on one. "oh my God, we have to do it!" arlo gasped, making davis mimic him, swiftly punching in the numbers on the remote.

suddenly, the beginning beats of "wannabe" by the spice girls begin to play, once again loud enough to fill the apartment. saoirse, who'd been talking and making drinks with the rest of the flitcherin boys, quickly popped her head out into the living room, gasping as she heard the lyrics begin, running out with a half made drink, shouting along to the lyrics.

asa chuckled, seeing all of them begin to stand up and jump to the lyrics, almost as if it was a tiny rave in the new york city apartment.

"arlo, i'm gonna take your call!" she shouted over the noise, clicking the green button and pushing the phone against her ear. "hello?" she could vaguely hear a voice speak from the other end, but all of it was incoherent due to the sounds of all continuous "zigazig yeah's."

"hello?" she reiterated, this time covering her other ear, which didn't seem to make a difference in her hearing. "hold on, i'm gonna go outside in the hallway so i can hear you better!" she shouted into the receiver, making her way around the apartment and into the front entrance, which already made a difference in her hearing. "alright, i can hear you better, just let me go out," she mumbled into the phone, unlocking the front door and stepping out.

"alright, that's better." she sighed. "i can actually hear my own thoughts." she chuckled, pulling the phone back up to her ear. "sorry, arlo's busy right now, but what can i get you?" she asked into the phone. suddenly, she could hear herself speak back to her self, the echo becoming louder. "hm, maybe it isn't better, the feed back is terrible." asa chuckled, once again hearing her voice relaying back to her. "hello, can you hear me?"

"yeah, i can." this time it wasn't her voice. and it wasn't coming from the phone. it was coming from just a few steps in front of her and she could feel her heart beat rising. "hey, ace."

refusing to look up, asa watched out of her peripheral as the figure hung up of their phone, signaling the tone to beep on her own. pulling the phone away from her ear, asa began to read his name, which was plastered on the screen alongside a photo of the face she wanted to avoid for all eternity.

[ timothee chalamet ended the call ]

only if she could.

vee !
heyyyyyy bestiessssss
how y'all doing???
i'm doing good 🤟🏻😛

n i'm lowkey proud of myself 🥰
i'll edit it in the morning though,
but i lowkey just want to get it out
bc i love it, and i miss t and ace
and i miss him calling her ace 😩

(also yall we're the sole reason why he calls her ace
bc i wasn't going to make it a trend when i first
wrote it, but y'all seemed to like it,
and now it lowkey give me butterflies, so period! 🤩🤩

also davis and arlo best friend supremacy 😛😛

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