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march 27

  "three..." the two twins whispered under their breath as their faces were the only things illuminated from the candles on top of their cake.

  "two..." grinning at one another, asa's eyes flickered to the side of the room, green numbers from the clock unmoving. outside the window was a collection of new york city sounds that they had grown to get used to.

  "one..." the twins eyes glanced at one another before blowing the flame from atop the cake laid. the orangey light dismissed and the only light left in the room was the neon lights of new york city.

"happy new year!" in the corner of the room stood saoirse and timotheé wrapped in one another's arms, whooping at the top of their lungs, already drunk from the previous birthday festivities.

  "happy birthday you two." grinned alice as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend. "twenty four, you've gotten old."

  "oh whatever," arlo said, rolling his eyes as he planted a kiss on her cheek. "you're only two years younger than us." asa grinned at the two, thinking about the moment she had put them together.

  "asa!" hearing her name, followed by a mumble of incoherent remarks, asa quickly made over to the window, a certain boys face being lit up by the lights of the city. "asa!" he called again, flailing his arms back and forth, which eventually ended up him being more muffled as the flipped around so he was laying on his chest.

  "oi, i'm right here weirdo." she laughed, flopping herself down on my beanbag that he was currently face down in. at the sound of her voice, the boy relaxed, setting up his arms under his face, propping himself up to look at the girl.

"hi." he whispered quietly so she was the only one to hear his wavering voice.

"t, are you drunk?" she said back to him, mimicking him as she lowered her voice into a whisper as well.

"hell yeah, i am." timothée grinned, shoving his arm to the side and not so gracefully picking up his bottle of beer.

"i'm disappointed." she teased, pulling the bottle out of his hands and taking a quick swig of it. asa had never been much of a drinker, but since it was her birthday, she thought maybe it could be a change.

"what's disappointing, is that you aren't." timothée laughed, pushing the bottle closer to her when she tried to give it back to him. "come on, ace," he grinned as he called her nickname, a teasing glint in his eyes. "live a little."

and that's what she did.

she lived.

a little.

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