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asa.goob i'm finally posting a photo of my face, wild. 🥴

asa.goob thank you guys for all of the birthday wishes, i appreciate every single one of them. and while i have your attention, comment some questions and i'll try my best to answer them 🤍

username favorite moment from little women?
asa.goob getting to know the cast, especially saoirse who turned out to be one of my bestest friends!

username any new upcoming projects we can see from you? 🤍 btw i love you!
asa.goob secret between us two... i recently got a call back from a new project and we are now working on a chemistry auditions 😁😁 (oh and i love you too x)

username are you and timothée dating?

username this is basic, but what's your favorite song/artist?
asa.goob favorite song is probably "like real people do" by hozier! such a beautiful song, makes me cry every time! 🥺 as for my favorite artist, i would probably have to say taylor swift, because who doesn't love her, lol.

username when did you and timothée meet??

username fave show/show recommendations? 🤍
asa.goob this is going to sound weird, but definitely julie and the phantoms on netflix! i've watched that show many times (even tho it's made for children 😭)
asa.goob if not that, i definitely love criminal minds (lol), sex education ;), and (the most problematic show of the century) glee!! xx
  — themadisonreyes NOT MY FAVORITE ACTRESS SAYING SHE LOVES MY SHOW 😭 charles_gillespie owenjoyner jeremyshada
  — owenjoyner NO FREAKING WAY
  — charles_gillespie BRO
  — jeremyshada 🤍
  — author casually had to add in my fave phantoms ;)

username WAIT U LOVE GLEE?? who's ur fave character 🥺🥺
asa.goob y'all gone hate me, but prob rachel or quinn 😭 idk why i love them, but i do lmaoo

username movie you definitely see yourself acting in, or a movie you would want to be a part of?
asa.goob pride and prejudice! this has been my favorite movie (and book) since forever, and i would love to have my own little spin as elizabeth bennett 😁✨
asa.goob definitely would sob if i got offered the role.

username someone gonna talk about how she won't respond to any comments that mention timothée 👀👀
username holy shit ur right!!
username maybe bc her life doesn't revolve around timothée 😌😌
username yes, she doesn't have to talk abt timmy if she doesn't want to, BUT it is still a bit sus that she is deliberately ignoring the comments that have to do with timothée, because he still is her BEST FRIEND.

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"hey. can we talk?"

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vee here !

tea. anyways, i basically
made this questions
and answers chapter
about myself 😳
(pls don't judge me
on my glee faves😭
yes, rachel is annoying,
but her voice 🤩
and quinn is
*chefs kiss*
literal legends 🤍)

also! i just wanted to ask
if any of y'all had read any
of my other books 😳
( flirting in french )
and/or ( kings )
i think i recognize a
few usernames that have
interacted with
"flirting with french"
(my other timothée book)
but i just wanted to know
if you have read any of them lol.
(so like comment if u have ever
read one of my other books 🤪)

anyways, i hope
y'all are doing well.
be safe, wear a
mask, make sure you
had some food today,
and make sure to
hydrate 🤍🤍

love ya,


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